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Business students graduating at the 2013 Awards Ceremony

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Length: 4 years full time
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Why Study Business at Newbold?

The School of Business at Newbold College of Higher Education builds on more than 25 years of experience and offers an internationally recognised qualification in business. The School is committed to quality and excellence, values that lie at the heart of everything we deliver. Our qualified, experienced, and committed lecturers will work closely with you to develop your full potential. If your desire is to launch a strong career in either a profit or non-profit enterprise, then our multicultural and stimulating Christian environment is the right place to start your journey.


  • International academics who have demonstrated business experience outside the classroom
  • Guest lecturers from industry, including the non-profit sector
  • An emphasis on both corporate and non-profit organisation
  • The opportunity to learn the language of business while in close proximity to London’s famed financial district
  • Study and explore work placements in the neighbouring 'UK Silicon Valley', an easy walk from the College
  • Enjoy the benefits of studying at a Christian college where emphasis is placed on developing professionally moral and ethical entrepreneurs
  • Special offers for students from Southern Adventist University

"It's great teaching business to students from all over the world. Studying at Newbold will be a uniquely diverse experience"
Marinko, Course Director

What classes will I take when I study Business at Newbold?

Year 1

Saskia, a Newbold business student from Germany
"Being a Business student at Newbold is a great opportunity because there are many different nationalities represented in the student body, which leads to unique classroom discussions and further expansion of one's world views and understanding.
Another quality aspect of Newbold is the availability of the lecturers to meet with the students outside of the classroom, leading to a more individualised learning experience."

Saskia, Germany

During the first year of your degree you will acquire a solid knowledge of basic management and accounting principles, and the use of computer systems in a business evironment; and will begin to explore how Christian beliefs can be incorporated in the life of a businessperson.  Furthermore, you will develop the social skills necessary to be a well rounded business executive, through exposure to new cultures in a diverse, supporting learning environment.

Year 2

Building on the first year's grounding, you will begin to study some of the key funcitional business desciplines such as marketing, finance and human resources. The emphasis is to develop an understanding of how organisations are resourced and how resources are utilised to ensure successful performance. Christian business ethics and the role of the non-profit organisation will also be a central theme as you expand your knowledge of different cultures on our campus.

Year 3

In your third year, you will begin more advanced studies in the core business disciplines related to management, marketing, finance and operations. In addtion you will also develop your communication and presentation skills.

Year 4

In your final year, you will complete your wholistic academic journey. You will have an expansive and much more informed knowledge base of strategic management and leadership and the international business world. This will be complemented by a broad exposure to other study areas related to art, culture and religion, during all four years of your programme. At this stage you will also begin final preparations for either your master's degree or future career.