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Newbold College of Higher Education

Your calling, His Ministry. Christ-centered education for a contemporary world.

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A place where your passion unites with His will.

Newbold offers an inherent sense of place where theological scripture is explored profoundly, where thought is challenged, where reflection is integral and where visions are Christ-centred. You may want to launchpad into the world of ministerial training, to impact global communities in cultural mission, to inspire young minds of tomorrow in youth ministry, explore other forms of pastoral ministry or simply dive into the depths of scripture as you find your way. Either way, we are here to equip you for the path you’re called upon.

A place where Theology intertwines with real life.

Our programmes will give you the inspiration to build distinct biblical Christian spirituality characterised by a passion to serve, and a dedication to God and His cause. You will benefit from our staff who all have real-world pastoral experience and are specialists in their modules.

Taking the opportunity to study the phenomenon of religion in a European context will give you a newfound perspective, whilst you undertake academic and practical experience enabling you to serve others.

From philosophic ideas and history to biblical teachings, our programmes will present you with the chance to ask questions, seek answers, form opinions and equip you for ministry in the 21st century.

We are accepting applications for the 2021 September Intake in:

  • (BA Hons.) Biblical and Pastoral Studies
  • (GradDip) in Biblical and Pastoral Studies
  • (MA) Theology
  • (PG CERT) in Ministry and Mission
  • Year in Mission and Service

A place to grow your existing knowledge.

Alongside our vision to equip the next generation of disciple-makers, we also believe it is important to develop opportunities for those in a wide range of existing roles in ministry or mission today. The Centre of Ministry and Mission also offers a selection of flexible modules and short programmes designed to strengthen and expand knowledge in specific areas and skillsets to enhance your ministry even further.

A place where spirituality is the beating heart of student life.

At Newbold spirituality sits at the centre of each day in our academic calendar through one-to-one support and mentorship, a selection of weekly spiritual activities on campus, or through enriching worship that reflects the wide range of cultural backgrounds and contexts that our students bring to the College.

We have a dedicated Chaplain and chaplaincy team on hand to ensure that you are given the inspiration, the space and the encouragement to grow in spirituality and develop your relationship with God – at your pace.

We wholeheartedly believe that praise takes many forms – in spontaneous corridor prayer, in conversation that moves into song, in sharing thought-provoking ideas, in listening to visitor speakers sharing His truth.

A place where we flourish - together.

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” We reflect on John 13:34-35 as we consider the life we aim to offer here. Newbold does not just serve as an educational establishment, but as a thriving community of individuals that as a collective strive to bring His love into the world through action. Here, we live and learn together. Beyond nurture in College gatherings and the classroom, our students have a natural instinct to support, motivate and uplift each other as they progress in their training, their studies and personal development.

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