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1980s Alumni Reconnect at Newbold

1980s Alumni Reconnect at Newbold

Around sixty alumni and former staff gathered at Newbold over the weekend of 2-4 August 2019 for the College’s 1980s Reunion.

The weekend commenced in the recently-renovated Moor Close Suites , where the group were welcomed by Dr John Baildam, Newbold Principal, and brought in the Sabbath with a vespers programme.

Dr Baildam updated attendees on Newbold’s current programmes, campus renovations – including the Sports Hall-Auditorum, new programmes – such as the Year in Mission and Service, ways Newbold is interacting with the local community, and new initiatives at the College – such as the British Culture Study Tour. He concluded by reminding attendees that no one ever owns Newbold, but that “we are merely taking care of the College for the next generation”, and thanked them for supporting Newbold over the years.

1980s alumna Heather Haworth spoke about Recollections for the vespers component of the evening, focusing on God’s leading and His bringing us to where we should be. The evening also featured special music from Brian Webster.

On Sabbath the early and main services in the Newbold Church Centre featured several 1980s alumni, with worship leading by Douglas McCormac, children’s story from Erica Hole and the sermon, When the Rubber Hits the Road, by Isobel Webster.

Alumni visited Virginia Water for a Sabbath afternoon walk, followed by a buffet in Salisbury Hall in the evening where many took the opportunity to share memories of their time at Newbold and the impact this has had on their lives.

Many attendees commented that they had enjoyed being back on campus for a well-organised weekend. Attendee Edeltraut Krebelder Arseni said she thinks reunions are important because they provide the opportunity to catch up on the lives of friends made while at Newbold. “It’s so nice to hear how God has led everyone and how their lives have gone,” she said. “I think it’s a really beautiful idea to have reunions and I’m looking forward to coming to the next one!”

Newbold’s next alumni reunion will be held 28-30 May 2021 as the College celebrates 120 years of Newbold. The previously scheduled 1990s Reunion (2020) will be combined with the proposed Reunion at the General Conference as well as the 120 Years of Newbold alumni celebration in 2021. For more information on upcoming events, visit

Kirsty Watkins