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Accounting Lecturer Joins Newbold’s Business and Humanities Department


Newbold was pleased to welcome Vasily Yunack to the College’s Department of Business and Humanities, as a Lecturer in Accounting from 1 August 2019.

Vasily comes to the College from Russia where he has held various finance and accounting positions with the Euro-Asia Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and at Zaoksky Adventist University. He holds Masters degrees specialising in Financial Controlling, and Ministry in Christian Counselling Psychology.

The son of an Adventist pastor, Vasily began his studies in ministry in 1981 at an underground Adventist seminary in Russia, focusing on youth ministry. He spent two years in compulsory service in the Soviet Army in a non-combatant construction unit. Following his military service, Vasily was employed by the Adventist Church in Russia and was involved in the construction and finance of the Zaoksky Seminary.

Vasily went on to work in the International, Publishing and ADRA departments of the Church in Russia before being invited to head the IT department and Treasury Training departments in the newly established (then) USSR Division (later renamed the Euro-Asia Division) before moving to Zaoksky to establish a training programme for Church finance.

Vasily served at Zaoksky for ten years, where he taught Accounting and Church Finance, led the Accounting department, and worked as a Senior Accountant, responsible for reporting and budgeting for the University as well as the Church Publishing House and Media Centre in Russia.

With this experience, Vasily is looking forward to working together with colleagues to develop Newbold’s Department of Business and Humanities, particularly in the area of accounting. “It is my ambition that at least half of denominational accountants of the Trans-European Division and a good number of the treasurers will be Newbold graduates,” he said, “as well as others who go into prominent non-denominational employment. Our Lord is powerful, and we can achieve great things when we submit ourselves for his use!”

Following his time at Zaoksky, and with a desire to be involved in more spiritual work, Vasily moved to North Caucasus in Russia where he served as departmental director for Education, Publishing, Spirit of Prophecy and Internet Evangelism at the Kubano-Chernomorskaya Conference. He also undertook several mission projects, pastored a small local church and served as chaplain for a school of a disabled children during this period.

He remained connected with accounting by providing technical support for denominational accounting software, professional development training, continuing to train accountants and treasurers, hands-on accounting in the local conference, and undertaking postgraduate qualifications in Financial Controlling.

Vasily is joined at Newbold by his wife Natalia, who herself is the author of more than fifteen books for children. They have two sons who have relocated to Newbold with them, and a daughter who is employed by the British Union Conference.

Kirsty Watkins