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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter - A Statement from our Principal

Statement from our Principal

“The cruel, brutal and unacceptable death of George Floyd on 25 May has served as the springboard for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ response and reaction by countless thousands around the world. Although we are rightly proud of our own multi-ethnic and multi-cultural Newbold community, this gives us all pause for reflection.

Do we always get things right, even on the modern-day Newbold campus? ‘Black Lives Matter’ serves as a timely catalyst as we seek to review our values and endeavour to strengthen our determination that our College will always be welcoming and open to all, regardless of race, colour, culture, tribe, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or (dis)ability – and that each individual student and employee will be treated as an equal member of the Newbold family.

At the beginning of the past academic year, we all explored together Newbold’s ‘IDEA’ – Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Awareness’ – reminding our community that we will not tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind. For months we have been grappling with the ramifications of COVID-19, and yet Raheem Sterling, the England and Manchester City striker, reminds us that “the only disease right now is the racism we are fighting”. As a staff, we had planned for training sessions on racial awareness during the past semester. Due to so many colleagues being furloughed over the last few weeks, we had to choose to reschedule these developmental initiatives until such time as everyone can learn and benefit from them.

We have all been created in God’s image – but we are challenged once more to ask ourselves whether we recognise the image of God in another person whose ethnicity, whose culture, whose language, whose faith and whose ideals may be quite different from our own. If we do not, then we have made God in our own image rather than allowing Him to recreate us in His image.

We at Newbold fully support the timely reminder that ‘Black Lives Matter’ and we pray for wisdom as we play our part in ensuring a united future.”

Dr John Baildam, Principal