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2023 Bible Conference

You are invited to attend the 2023 Bible Conference at Newbold Church, from 3-4 March 2023.

The 2023 Bible Conference will take place at Newbold Church from 3-4 March.

Organised by the Centre for Ministry and Mission, the theme for this year’s conference is ‘Character of God’. The forum’s programme will explore this theme in-depth, with dedicated speakers contributing biblical, theological and pastoral perspectives to this foundational topic.

Livestream viewing

Please click here to view the livestream of the events at Newbold Church


Please click here to view the livestream of the Sabbath service in Salisbury Hall (11:15 am)


Dr Ján Barna will open the event with a keynote presentation entitled Character of God: The Alpha and Omega of Christian Theology’ on Friday, 3 March at 19:00 local time.

The following Sabbath morning programme will feature dynamic presentations from Dr Kayle de Waal, Dr Patrick Johnson, Dr Laszlo Gallusz and Dr Eike Mueller, followed by sermons by Pr Ian Sweeney (in Newbold Church) and Pr Ivana Mendez (in Salisbury Hall).

Dr Ivan Milanov, Pilira Zapita and Dr Tihomir Lazić will offer more inspiring presentations in the afternoon programme, followed by a vibrant panel discussion led by Principal Dr Stephen Currow, which will bring the annual conference to a close.

To explore the full conference programme, book accommodation or meal tickets, please visit the official webpage below.

2023 Bible Conference