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Future Plans

Read about the College’s plans for the future.

Future Developments

Any academic institution is constantly in a state of flux as far as its development is concerned. Newbold is no exception.

The College will continue with its undergraduate qualifications in Biblical and Pastoral Studies, Humanities, Business Studies and Religious Studies, as well as its shorter ‘study-abroad’ provision and its British Culture Tours. It will also maintain its postgraduate qualifications in Theology, Ministry and Mission, and Leadership – as well as its Doctor of Ministry degree. The English Language Centre is expected to continue to attract large numbers of students from around the world. Shorter courses over the years ahead are expected to include Evangelism and Church Growth Symposia, Health and Wellness Weeks, and training in British Sign Language emerging from special needs workshops.

Through its Finance and Facilities Committee, the Board of Governors anticipates the introduction of robust fund-raising mechanisms, as well as the following changes to the physical campus of the College:

  • Ongoing maintenance and upgrading of administrative and classroom space, the Library, residence halls and family housing units
  • Continuing refurbishment of the Sports Hall-Auditorium to include roofing, the balcony, the changing rooms, the toilets and the entrance
  • The provision of appropriate car-parking as numbers using the Sports Hall-Auditorium continue to increase
  • The refurbishment of the ground floor of Moor Close in line with the plans for which listed-buildings consent has already been granted
  • The establishment of a campus sandwich bar/book store
  • The restructuring of Egremont
  • The enhancement of Moor Close Gardens, including Sylvia’s Garden, in liaison with ‘Historic England’

Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021

The following document sets out a Governor-led strategic plan for Newbold College of Higher Education. It builds on consultation between staff, Governors and external consultants and presents the College’s mission, vision, aims, preferred future, and measurable and/or aspirational success criteria. It is underpinned by four core values – Spirituality, Service, Quality Learning and Teaching, and Nurture – that shape everything that we do. It combines the College’s almost 120 years of expertise and experience to deliver lasting value within a Seventh-day Adventist Christian context for those who study and work at Newbold.

Click here to view the strategic plan 2018 – 2021