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Governance and Management

Our commitment to transparency - essential information on our organisation

Board of Governers

Newbold’s Board of Governors oversees the operations of the College through the approval of policies, strategies, and activities that advance Seventh-day Adventist higher education within the Trans-European Division (TED).

Members of the Board of Governors come from Unions within the TED, and include Union Presidents, Division staff, and lay members to create a Board with a variety of competences, ethnicities and a gender-balance. Through this combination of skills the Board is able to address the College’s strategic and performance-related needs, acting in its best interests, while taking account of the wider context of the TED.

The full Board of Governors meets twice a year in conjunction with the TED spring and winter meetings.

Please click here to view our current membership of the Board of Governers.

Executive Committee of the College Board of Governors

The function of the Executive Committee of the Board of Governors is to act on behalf of the full Board to make decisions on regular operational matters. It reports to the Board of Governors.

The Executive Committee meets more regularly than the full Board and comprises members of the full Board who are relatively local to the College and TED offices. This allows for more regular meetings, and decisions made at these meetings are presented via the minutes of the Executive to the full Board twice yearly.

The Executive Committee meets around six times per year, between the dates of the scheduled full Board meetings.

Please click here to view our current membership of the Executive Committee of the College Board of Governors
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Data Protection

We value your trust.

The College hold and process students’ personal data for a variety of reasons, examples include to keep records, provide support to students and to also track individual academic development. We hold financial data to invoice students correctly and record payments; academic information so we can monitor progression and provide the appropriate teaching support and opportunities. Any further data we hold is in order to help and support our students, as well as fulfil our legal obligations.

We also collect and process personal data in relation to prospective students in order to support academic suitability for admission and enable a smooth and transparent admissions process.

Newbold College of Higher Education takes the security and integrity of all the personal data it holds very seriously. We believe our systems are secure, and do not release information about students to any third parties outside the University unless we have a legal obligation to do so. Furthermore, we do not release information about students to family members or fee payers without the consent of the individual student, except in very serious emergency situations.

The handling of personal data is controlled by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and associated legislation.