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Our Team

Newbold’s Senior Leadership Team, Board of Governors and staff are dedicated to making the College a live-changing, faith-affirming Christian institution of higher education.

Senior Leadership Team

Dr John Baildam


Abigail Wright

Chief Financial Officer

Serena Santona

Academic Registrar

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Academic Administration

Troy Smith

Student Enrolment Officer

Vanessa Špoljar

Academic Programmes Administrator

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Campus and Estate Services

Andreas Lamberth

Head of Campus and Estate Services

Zvonko Gregor

Buildings and Carpentry

Ulo Parna


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Centre for Ministry and Mission

Dr Daniel Duda

Transitional Head of Centre for Ministry and Mission



Dr Laszlo Gallusz

Undergraduate Programme Leader, Lecturer in New Testament

Dr Jan Barna

Postgraduate Programme Leader, Principal Lecturer in Systematic Theology

Dr Stephen Currow

Interim Principal Lecturer in Pastoral Studies, Director of Field Education

Dr Tihomir Lazic

Lecturer in Systematic Theology

Dr Ivan Milanov

Lecturer in Old Testament



Dr Mike Pearson

Lecturer Emeritus

Dr Gifford Rhamie

Senior Lecturer in Pastoral Studies



Julian Thompson

Lecturer in Old Testament



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Diversity Centre

Helen Pearson

Diversity Centre Co-ordinator

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Viviane Derico

Accounts and Administrative Assistant

Gabriele Kamoi

Assistant Accountant

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IT Services

Nigel Reid

IT Manager

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Per Lisle


Lynda Baildam

Associate Librarian

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Office of the Principal

Debbie McReynolds

HR and Office Manager

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Marketing and Communications

Bisser Stoykov

Head of Marketing and Communications

Felicity Brodrick

Digital Content and Marketing Coordinator

Roland Dan

Digital Marketing Specialist

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Student Life and Chaplaincy

Danilo Puskas

Head of Student Life and Chaplaincy, Campus Ministries Coordinator​​

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