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Welcome from the Principal

About the Principal

Dr John Baildam was appointed Principal of the College in May 2014. He has spent over thirty years at Newbold, joining the College staff in 1982 after spending a number of years working primarily in Adventist secondary education. After first teaching in, then leading, Newbold’s School of English and Modern Languages, Dr Baildam became Director of Admissions and Records in 1990, and later, the Director of Academic Affairs in 1997. This role subsequently expanded into that of Deputy Principal, a position he held until he was appointed Principal of the College in May 2014.

Dr Baildam’s priority for Newbold is to take advantage of the unique opportunity the College has within the United Kingdom (UK) to provide comprehensive higher education across a variety of disciplines within a European English-speaking context of Adventist Christian faith and values. Through implementing strategies that support the College’s mission, he seeks to encourage lifelong learning, social inclusion, and widening participation, as well as to provide a balanced, holistic education within the spiritual, academic, social, physical and cultural realms.

“Newbold is a place to explore faith in depth, using honest academic tools. We encourage our students to develop their knowledge and understanding of God, and of salvation through Christ,” he says. “As Principal I want to see the College grow as a resource centre for the Church within our part of the world, but especially within the UK.

“I want us to promote the different aspects of the spectrum of Adventist theology, encouraging diverse styles of worship and spiritual interactions. I value the small family campus and the global impact which the College enjoys with students from over 50 countries. I applaud the personal care and individual tutorial support which our students receive as we seek to provide them with excellent Christ-centred academic quality and the tools to think in a diverse, multicultural society. I want us to continue to develop a clergy able to understand and converse with laity, and an educated and committed laity, able to serve the Church and influence lives that traditional ministry would not touch. I want our graduates to be prepared for service to others and to leave Newbold with transferable skills which they can use within the world of work. I want Newbold to grow, to become ever more relevant to its constituents, and to serve as a vital resource to the Church.”

Dr Baildam holds three degrees from the University of London: an Honours degree in German, a Master’s degree in German with special reference to ‘education’ in the Enlightenment, and a PhD in German, which focused on Johann Gottfried Herder as a translator of the Song of Songs between 1772 and 1778. Dr Baildam’s studies enabled him to combine his love of literature and language with his love for the Bible, something he describes as “suiting his academic role at the College well”.

He also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and another in Higher Education Management. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors and a Fellow of the Association of University Administrators.

"At Newbold College of Higher Education, we are here to help you to reach your full potential.

Our lecturers are eager to pass their knowledge, expertise and experience on to you, so that you can excel in your studies, career and life.

As a Newbold student you will become part of a faith-based learning community that will strive to prepare you for a wide range of careers in an ever-changing world. You will be challenged to think critically, to enquire, to discover, to communicate clearly, and to understand life, learning, and civic responsibility from a Christian point of view. We are part of the worldwide educational network of Seventh-day Adventist schools, colleges and universities – and spirituality is integral to all of our campus activities.

Our staff will endeavour to bring their modules and classes to life, enhancing your learning experience and enabling you to benefit asmuch as possible from your studies. We will encourage you to develop new skills, to expand your learning, and to nurture the attitudes and values sought by employers.

We are here to support you, to help you to grow academically and spiritually, to realise your goals and dreams, and to enjoy your time at Newbold.”

Dr John Baildam,