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Postgraduate Certificate in Youth Ministry

Postgraduate Certificate in
Youth Ministry

This course is designed to integrate theological principles with contemporary youth ministry practices, forming compassionate and effective leaders. 

Guided by experienced mentors, the course combines academic study with experiential learning. You will engage in professional practice placements, allowing you to work directly with youth and apply your skills in real-world settings. This immersive approach ensures that you are well-equipped to address the complex needs of 21st-century youth, empowering them to live out their faith and make a positive impact within the Church and the broader community.

Learning outcomes can equip you with:

    • The ability to critically analyse the evolving trends in contemporary European youth culture, ensuring your ministry stays relevant and impactful

    • Skills to design and implement innovative and creative methods for engaging with and ministering to European youth

    • A comprehensive understanding of the mental and emotional development theories pertinent to young people, enhancing your ability to support their growth

    • Proficiency in reflecting on and applying various counselling approaches tailored to the unique challenges faced by today’s youth

    • Expertise in providing pastoral care that effectively addresses the mental and emotional well-being of young people

Course details

Programme: A cohort-based programme with one dedicated module studied each semester for three consecutive semesters

Course length: 18-months

Mode of study: Part-time - one module per semester (3 semesters in total)

Mode of delivery: On-campus or online synchronous 

*a residential component may be required

Course tuition for academic year 2024/2025: £1,672.2 per module

For more details visit our Tuition and Fees page.

Funding available: Subsidies are available -  contact your Union ministerial secretary or employer for details.

Validated by: University of Wales Trinity Saint David (United Kingdom)

Intake: September 2025

Application deadline: 8 August 2025

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“Investing in the future of the church and society starts with nurturing the spiritual and emotional well-being of today’s youth. By providing high-quality ministry that addresses their unique needs in our modern world, we lay a strong foundation for a thriving, compassionate, and faithful community in the years to come.


Dr Ivan Milanov, Postgraduate Programme Leader, Senior Lecturer in Old Testament
Comprehensive preparation
The emphasis
Explore innovative strategies to connect authentically with today's youth, navigating diverse perspectives on contemporary issues.


To fulfil the requirements for the Postgraduate Certificate in Youth Ministry, you will need to successfully complete 60 credits of the modules listed below.


This is a cohort-based programme with one dedicated module studied each semester for three consecutive semesters. These modules may also require intensive, mandatory attendance on campus with dates scheduled in advance.

  • Biblical Sexuality (20 credits)

    Throughout this module, you will engage in a critical exploration of the biblical framework surrounding sexuality, alongside an assessment of modern perspectives on youth sexuality. 

    By delving into case studies and nurturing reflective practice, you will adeptly apply biblically-grounded resolutions to contemporary challenges in human sexuality.

  • Counselling Young People (20 credits)

    Within this module, you will explore various counselling theories and practices for young individuals through a biblical lens. You will scrutinise theories of mental and emotional development, reflect on counselling methodologies, and provide pragmatic support for their holistic well-being.

    Through insightful case studies spanning concerns like depression and peer pressure, you may hone pivotal competencies for effective pastoral care, including the discernment of when to facilitate referrals to law enforcement or social services.

  • Engaging European Youth Culture (20 credits)

    This module is dedicated to a discerning examination of contemporary European youth culture, empowering you to dissect its trends and ingeniously connect with young people through ministry.

    Topics encompass theological scrutiny, intergenerational strategies, advocacy within social justice movements, biblical responses to radicalisation, and illuminating case studies showcasing impactful ministerial approaches.

The PostGrad Cert in Youth Ministry offers a transformative opportunity for those passionate about working with young people.


It is designed for individuals who feel called to serve youth but may lack the necessary knowledge and experience. Whether you're a pastor, elder, or youth leader seeking to expand your abilities, this certificate equips you with the skills and insights to make a meaningful impact.


Ideal for those dedicated to enhancing their ministry, it also welcomes social workers, educators, and community advocates committed to providing comprehensive support and guidance to the next generation.

Your learning experience

  • Courses that are shaped with mindful intention to serve as gateways to ministry in its various forms.
  • An intimate class setting, granting you 1:1 access to leading academic staff who are devoted to enriching your ministry, your life and your spiritual development.
  • Daily campus fellowship through student programmes curated to evoke inspirational gathering and the meeting of similar minds.
  • Immersive yet subconscious forms of learning and worship that are interlaced into every day across academia and student life – it is those late-night dorm conversations, the sharing of perspectives across the halls that will shape you for life.
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