Bible Conference, 2017

Bible Conference 2017

Newbold College of Higher Education hosted their annual Bible Conference on Sabbath 6 May, 2017. This years theme for the conference was “We Can’t Look Away: The Church and Social Justice.”


Newbold hosts a free Bible Conference every year. It is open to anyone who is interested in attending, and it aims to give members of the Adventist community access to our expert teaching and research staff, many of whom are at the forefront of theological thinking about a range of topics and challenges facing Adventism today.

These conferences provide an opportunity for church members to gain or enhance their knowledge in spiritual, theological, social and ministerial issues. Newbold also offers a series of practical and theoretical short and intensive courses. Upcoming courses include the free Sabbath School teaching workshop series. Find out more about other short courses at Newbold.


“The Eyes of the Lord God are upon…”: Old Testament Perspective with Dr Ivan Milanov

Amos and Social Justice – Ivan Milanov – PDF

Contemporary social justice issues and ancient prophets: do they have anything in common? More than some people think. The prophetic message on oppression of the poor, injustice, religious hypocrisy and passivity of the people of God towards evil things that happen to their neighbours is more relevant than ever.

“The Historical Jesus: A Figure of Social Justice”: New Testament Perspective with Dr Tom De Bruin

Dr Tom de Bruin’s was replaced by one given by Dr Mike Pearson. Unfortunately, as this was a last minute change, no slides are available for this presentation.

Secular historians have long tried to put together an image of Jesus separate from his religious identity. Even when we strip away everything but the most basic, most irrefutable historical facts about Jesus, we cannot escape the revolutionary figure that Jesus was. Whatever you believe, you cannot get around the fact that Jesus was a force for social justice.

“Church without boundaries: the Kingdom’s social experiment”: Systematic Theology Perspective with Dr Tihomir Lazic

Church Without Boundaries – Tihomir Lazic – PDF

Similarly to other apocalyptic movements in history, Adventist members have often questioned the value of fighting for social ideals, such as justice and equality. If our world is doomed to perish soon, what’s the point of trying to introduce some lasting social change today? Isn’t that what Christ will do, when he comes? This lecture challenges the prevailing Adventist attitudes towards social action. It presents a fresh vision of the church as a powerful agent of change — a vision of church whose task is not only to preach its distinctive end-time message about the upcoming kingdom of God, but also to embody its core values and ideals here and now. Its role is to visibly demonstrate and be the foretaste of the new humanity under God; humanity free of any racial, gender, ethnic and generational barriers and divisions.

“Hearing the cry, showing the compassion”: Biblical and Pastoral Theology Perspective with Dr Daniel Duda

Hearing the Cry Having the Compassion – Daniel Duda – PDF

In the Bible God is portrayed as the one “hearing the cry” of the oppressed. He brings deliverance from slavery and all kinds of oppression. Being God’s people we will hear the cry in our times and provide pastoral and other support which is within our capacity to help.


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