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Certificate in British History

Become immersed in the history that you study - and experience history where it actually happened.

Following the recently announced changes to Newbold’s course offerings and organisational structure, this course is no longer accepting new students.

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About the Certificate

Would you like to study British History in more depth and develop solid skills in critical analysis? This course provides a stepping stone for further study and lifelong exploration of literature.

Why enrol in the Certificate in British History with us?

  • You will read and research extensively on this specialised subject
  • You will write and think critically and creatively
  • You will view and critique selected films and documentaries
  • You can evaluate conflicting historian interpretations
  • You will be able to comprehend and contextualise historical features, sites and activities
  • You will build coherent arguments and articulately defend them

Your future matters.

This Certificate will also prepare you for a wide range of careers and future study options in areas such as education, archivist work, museum employment, media, public relations, advertising, the not-for-profit sector, and administration.

Newbold graduates of similar programmes have found employment in a wide range of occupations including editing, law, politics, business, public relations, teaching, and aid and development work.

The course breakdown

Certificate in British History

Your academic years

Through the Certificate in British History you will study Henry VIII and his life and actions, as well as the English Reformation, the Civil War, and the Glorious Revolution. Guided trips and tours take place within the context of lectures.

You will visit many historical sites pertaining to the Tudors – in particular Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.These may include the Tower of London, Hampton Court, Windsor Castle, and the National Portrait Gallery.

You will follow this programme by exploring historical events and themes from the beginnings of the British Empire to World War II. Topics include social reforms; the Napoleonic Wars; the Enlightenment; and World Wars I and II. These are augmented by guided field trips to Admiral Nelson’s flagship, the British Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Imperial War Museum.

You will gain insights into the people, places, language and ideas that started to make England into a nation and a system of organisational government that is still in use today. You will experience the treasures of this time period with trips to the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, London’s British Museum and Winchester Cathedral.

To complete this certificate, you will need to take 21 credits from the core modules, plus 9 credits from any of the other elective modules.

  • Core Modules

    You will need to complete the following core modules:

    • 3: Reformation to Revolution (HIST437F)
    • 3: Empire to Entropy (HIST437G)
    • 3: British History in Context I (HIST378A)
    • 3: British History in Context II (HIST378B)
    • 3: Anglo-Saxon Britain (HIST345)
    • 3: Adventist Heritage (HIST404)
    • 3: Independent Study
  • Elective Modules - English Literature

    • 3: Text on Film and Location I (ENGL225A)
    • 3: Text on Film and Location II (ENGL225B)
    • 3: English Literature in Context I (ENGL478A)
    • 3: English Literature in Context II (ENGL478B)
    • 3: CS Lewis, Literature and the Religious Life (ENGL425H)
    • 3: Shakespeare Drama Workshop (ENGL425I)
  • Elective Modules - Performing Arts

    • 3: Music Theory I: Intro to Harmony (MUCT141)
    • 1: Ear Training Lab (MUCT151)
    • 2: Applied Music (MUPF364)
    • 2: Applied Music (MUPF464)
    • 1: Junior Recital (MUPF397)
    • 1-2: Senior Recital (MUPF497)
    • 3: Introduction to Fine Arts I (IDSC205)
    • 3: Introduction to Fine Arts II (IDSC206)
    • 1 credit, may be repeated: College Choir (MUPF135)
  • Elective Modules - Business Studies

    • 3: International Marketing (MKTG425)
    • 3: Personnel Management (MGMT333)
    • 3: British and European Marketing (MKTG310)
    • 3: International Business Management (MGMT405)
    • 3: British and European Business Skills (BUAD201)
  • Elective Modules - Religion

    • 3: Foundations in Biblical Studies (RELG360C)
    • 3: History of Western Thought (RELG360H)
    • 3: Religion and Ethics in Modern Society (RELT340)
    • 3: Studies in Daniel and Revelation (RELB406)
    • 3: Law and Writings (RELB216)
    • 3: Prophet Writings of the Old Testament (RELB274)

Entry Requirements

Our mission is to provide quality higher education and unlock our students’ potential from all educational backgrounds. Here are our entry requirements.

Entry Requirements

To meet the entry requirements for this course you will need:

  • 5 GCSEs grade A*-C (including Maths and English), or equivalent
  • 2 A-levels, or equivalent
  • To be at least 18 years of age at the beginning of the academic year

If English is not your native language, you will need to demonstrate that you have a sufficient standard of the language to study. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.