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Campus Ministries Videos

Campus Ministries Videos

The Roundup
“The Roundup” is an exciting digital collective of uplifting content that we’ll be sharing with you each Monday, to inspire you for the week ahead. We might share a cool extract from a book or a poem we’ve been reading, or reveal a song of the week that has inspired us, or just offer some tips to encourage balance and wellbeing that really work.
Episode 1: Patrick Johnson

Welcome to the first episode of Inspiration4Ministry! Whether you’re undertaking ministerial training, considering a pastoral career or even if you’re sitting on the fence and looking at your options but want to learn more, this new programme is for you!

Episode 1 sees Danilo Puskas in conversation with Patrick Johnson, Ministerial Association Secretary and Discipleship Director at the Trans-European Division. From an adrenaline-charged career in healthcare as a nurse, to an equally fulfilling profession in ministry, Patrick is no stranger to roles with impact. Together, we delve into his professional journey that includes sharing insights into the composition of his noteworthy thesis on disabilities – and along the way, we find ourselves reassured that it’s never too late to realise and accomplish our calling.

Episode 2: Lidija Djordjevic Runic

This week, Danilo takes a virtual seat with Lidija Djordjevic Runic, Pastor of the Central Belgrade church and Lecturer at the Belgrade Theological Seminary. The first senior female Pastor in Serbia, Lidija shares her journey in ministry from walking with people through the ups and the downs, to the importance mentors throughout your career path. Lidija also offers insight into two small groups that she is a part of, that have been a great blessing in her life.

One big take away from this week’s episode: when times are challenging or you’re facing adversity – remember the miracles you have experienced or currently have in your life.

Episode 3: Max Mckenzie-Cook

This week, Danilo catches up with Newboldian Max Mckenzie-Cook (Director of Community, Diversity and Prison Ministries, South England Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church). From law to pastoral ministry (and with an MBA on the way), Max shares his story about how the shift from one career path to another stems from his personal desire to feel a sense of belonging.

We look at his pastoral training journey, the key tools Newbold provided him with when studying Theology, and Max reminds us that we don’t need a Damascus Road experience for a calling – that still, small voice or the quiet pull can absolutely be your firm confirmation that ministry is your calling.

Episode 4: Anne-May Müller

Danilo speaks with Anne-May Müller, Pastor at the Cafe Church, Seventh-day Adventist Church in Copenhagen, and Family Ministries Director at the Danish Union.

Anne-May offers insight into her spiritual journey fuelled by God’s calling since the mere age of 18, the ways in which her church remains relevant today, the response to the pandemic and the realities of being a female in the world of ministry.

Episode 5: Jacques Venter

Danilo speaks with Anne-May Müller, Pastor at the Cafe Church, Seventh-day Adventist Church in Copenhagen, and Family Ministries Director at the Danish Union.

Danilo sits down with Jacques Venter, Associate Executive Secretary at the British Union Conference.

Jacques shares his key advice and personal learnings in his ministerial career spanning 20 years, starting from an intern position in South Africa.

We hear about really feeling the calling from God to entering ministry, to learning about the realities of cycles in pastoral ministry – the mistakes, the relationships, the things that bring the most joy, the guidance.

In this powerful episode, we’ll also discover what Jacques believes is the most important aspect of ministry.

Episode 6: Marcos Torres

We are so excited to share that this week’s Inspiration4Ministry guest is none other than Pastor Marcos Torres.

A US Army veteran and Theology graduate from Southern, we dive into Marcos’s story that starts in New Jersey and lands in Australia where he now resides – changing lives as a devoted Pastor.

Expect real talk on ministry, discover what inspired him to launch his current project – planting a Church, take inspiration from his thoughts on the benefits of becoming a pastor, explore his biggest lessons so far.

A pastor, an author, and a podcaster speaking his truth – this episode is a corker.

Episode 7: Lászlo Szabó

A pastor, a lecturer, a mission worker (and that’s only a start), Lászlo Szabó has experienced ministry across a vast spectrum both locally and internationally.

The Associate Professor of Mission and Intercultural Studies at Friedensau Adventist University, and Director at the Arthur Daniells Institute of Mission Studies, Lászlo emphasises the importance of theological studies as a firm foundation into the world of ministry, the significance of training and how COVID-19 has made it more accessible and the magnitude of being led by God through this life journey and profession.

Episode 8: Wayne Erasmus

Danilo engages in a profound conversation with Wayne Erasmus, Church Growth and Adventist Mission Coordinator in the South England Conference.

From sharing insight into his current DMin focus on the dynamics of diversity within a changing UK context to the losses and gains impacted by COVID-19, Wayne delves deeply into personal and spiritual working experiences since working as a pastor in 1997.

We hear his thoughts on what pastoral ministry means, his advice for those that face challenge along the way, how learning from others presents new perspective, and how the Damascus road calling isn’t something everyone experiences – and that’s just fine.

Episode 9: Paul King Brown

Many of us will recognise the name and the voice of pastor, author, keynote speaker and divorce coach, Paul King-Brown, now immersed in a new project: The Hub in Watford.

In this week’s episode, we learn about Paul’s empowering published book “Picking up the Pieces: from Brokenness to Breakthrough”, we also hear how his Church has risen to the challenges that COVID-19 has presented and actually thrived – becoming more intertwined as a community and support collective.

Paul guides us through his experience and philosophy on ministry and what makes it rewarding for him through a vast range of extraordinary life stories and testimonials. He also shares the tough side – spiritual warfare that can create obstacles in front of objectives.

“There is light in the tunnel depending on where you look, and light at the end of the tunnel. The beautiful thing about ministry is that despite the fight, God won’t let it die.”

You don’t want to miss this! Tune in now.

Episode 10: Adam Ramdin

This week Danilo takes a virtual seat with Adam Ramdin, Youth Director at the North England Conference.

We hear how Adam has sought ways to keep the community spiritually engaged during a year full of uncertainty and challenge, transitioning all in-person events in the calendar to online, and the traits that come with keeping calm and carrying on.

“When you find a job you’re called to do, ultimately you enjoy it.” Adam shares his thoughts and inspiration behind joining the ministry and the pleasures that come with a role like a pastor, working in a spiritual realm that has eternal outcome. With the good comes the tough, and he gives reassuring and important advice for those that hit a wall at points in their career, as well as sharing the significance of having a mentor – regardless of whether it’s in a fully official capacity.

Episode 11: Tom Stone
The idea of this digital series is to provide your Monday’s with inspiring tips, thoughts and resources to see you through the weeks ahead. From fitness and wellbeing to inspirational verses and quotes, music, foodie tips and more, we hope that there is something that will help to brighten up your week during uncertain times.