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British Culture Study Tour

Experience England and our country's heritage in all its summer glory.

Following the recently announced changes to Newbold’s course offerings and organisational structure, this course is no longer accepting new students.

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Immerse yourself in British Heritage

About our annual tour

Have you always dreamt of visiting England and discovering our country’s natural beauty? Would you like to retrace Shakespeare’s steps and watch one of his renowned plays in an iconic setting? Or travelling to the beautiful chocolate-box villages of the Cotswolds?

Here at Newbold, we have curated an annual retreat programme that takes place every year that allows you to both experience England at its best over a summer season, and get a taste of student life through a variety of courses and social activities.

Our Recruitment, Marketing and Retention team collaborates with the Department of Business and Humanities, the office of the Chaplain and the England Language Centre to handpick a selection of unforgettable experiences during your study that will see you:

  • Meandering across the white cliffs of Dover and visiting the historic Dover Castle
  • Watching a classic west end show in the heart of London
  • Indulging in an English Tea Party
  • Visiting one of the most famous wonders of the world – Stonehenge
  • Enjoy a variety of classes across our course offering, including a Fine Arts class, a Business Class, a class on Shakespeare, Henry VIII and more.
  • Please click here to a view a sample tour schedule. 

Who the Study Tour is for

Our tour is aimed at high-school students. Participants must be aged between 16-20 years old, and have English proficiency of B2 or higher.

Essential Details

Where you stay, what you eat, how you get here


Whilst on this tour you will be invited to stay in our Halls of Residence or in designated rooms within Moor Close, a beautiful Jacobean building located on campus.  All living essentials (for example, bed sheets) for the duration of the tour is provided.


All meals are included in the price. Typically, we eat at the College cafeteria for breakfast and then have everyone pack their own lunch as most days we will be off campus during this time.

We usually have supper at the College cafeteria, but on the occasional trip day we aren’t back in time, we will hand out cash so you can purchase your own food, or we will provide an alternative. We understand that students might have different dietary requirements, so we are extremely flexible. We can also provide vegan, gluten-free or nut-free food as necessary.

There is plenty of opportunity to eat outside the campus as we are in close proximity to a shopping centre, restaurants and grocery shops. If you would like to buy your own food, outside of a pre-agreed arrangement, you can purchase this with your own money.

Getting here:

The closest airport to Newbold is London Heathrow (around a 30-minute drive away).

Before booking your flights, please contact us and we will assist you with airport shuttles and any transport related questions you may have.

Please note that should you arrive before, or depart after the recommended dates, you will need to arrange your own food and accommodation.