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Executive English Programme

A language immersion in the heart of England

Executive English Programme

A bespoke 1:1 language offering that hones in on your individual goals.

Newbold’s Executive English is a programme for professionals and executives to master English language in targeted areas. This programme includes a range of courses that can be completely customised and personalised to address your personal needs. By doing so, we help you rapidly improve your fluency for effective communication in the workplace and day-to-day situations.


Executive English courses are arranged throughout the year and can take up to 8 weeks of study.

What will you study?

When you arrive for the Executive English Programme, your English will be assessed. Based on your level, our teachers will create a lesson plan that will help you achieve your language goals and make rapid progress in as little time as possible.

You will have 20 hours of one-to-one English lessons within a week:

  • Grammar and vocabulary

  • Reading and writing
  • Speaking and listening
  • Communication

Course details

Duration: By negotiation (typically up to 8 weeks)

Programme: Certificate

Mode of delivery: On-campus 

Course level: Elementary (A1) to Proficiency (C2)

Intake: Anytime through the year

Mode of study: Full-time (intensive)

Entry Requirements: You must be at least 18-years of age on arrival

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In 2007, I took two months of intensive English classes at Newbold, and after that very productive experience,  the South American Division began sending department directors to participate in the same programme.

We have done this for 15 years, which is a clear demonstration of confidence in the dedicated work Newbold does in preparing church leaders to communicate in English.

My experience was positive and was customised to meet the needs of our church leadership. I recommend this programme to all Seventh-day Adventist professionals.

Pr. Erton C. Köheler


To best support your learning experience, the content of the modules you study will be adapted to your competence level of English.

English Language

These classes focus on improving your understanding and command of English vocabulary, structure and grammar.  They also address the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Speaking and Listening

These classes develop your oral communication skills through listening assignments, conversation tasks and presentations.

Reading and Writing

These classes focus on your comprehension and composition skills. They provide opportunities to address different texts and practise various forms of writing.

Creative Communication

You will be challenged to practise your English and develop your general communication skills through different creative group projects, such as visual arts, video, drama, and cooking.  You will work together with students of different levels of English proficiency and learn through teamwork, intercultural communication, critical and creative thinking.

British Culture

Peek into the past and present realities of life in the UK, as you put into practice what you’ve learned in language classes.


As your teachers are committed to provide you with the best learning experience, they will also arrange for some one-to-one meetings with you to discuss your progress and provide help where needed.

Independent Study Time

If you wish to improve your language skills significantly, just working in a class is not enough. You should plan to set aside some time for independent work outside of the classroom. You will need to complete your homework assignments, revisit your lectures, and take time to practise. This will help you succeed in learning English.

Typical Weekly Schedule

Unlock your potential, expand your horizons.

Not only will you gain proficiency in a new language, but  you will also make connections and friendships with people from all over the world.

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