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English Language Centre

Your pathway to becoming a confident, fluent communicator in the English Language


With over 300 million native speakers of the language around the world, learning English is an important skill set that will open doors for you educationally, professionally and personally.

The English Language Centre is made up of a dedicated team of experts in the English language, and they are committed to improving and refining your ability in reading and writing, grammar and vocabulary, creative communication and more.

The 2020-2021 academic will see you studying online for the autumn semester (from September – December), and depending on the course you choose, you will be travelling to England in May 2021 to really experience British culture for yourself, authentically, through educational and cultural trips around the country, and it is at this point where you can really put your learning into practice.


The courses

General English Language Courses: Develop your language skill and increase your confidence through our General English Language Courses, tailored to suit your needs at the right level for you.

English Exam Preparation: An intensive online course that will help to prepare you for prestigious examinations such as the Academic IELTS. These exams are a perfect entry point to study abroad.

General English Plus: A short online course that concentrates on developing vocabulary in the pastoral and ministry sector.

1:1 Online English: A one-to-one personalised course focuses on building, practising and using English, whether you want to develop your general knowledge or focus on specific areas of the language.

Continuing Professional Development

Newbold Insights with the English Language Centre: A package of webinars reaching out to teachers, language teachers, and ESOL teachers in different parts of the world, hoping to be of help and to learn more from each other through dialogue.