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English Language Centre

A cultural experience like no other. Master your English and build friendships for life.

Please note: In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), English courses will be taught online for the 2020 autumn semester.
Our updates in response to COVID-19

About the English Language Centre (ELC)

Study English at the heart of England and British culture. Whether you’re looking to experience the culture, continue your studies in English, sit a language exam, be able to communicate fluently at work, use the language with ease around the globe or just need time off to discover who you are, the Newbold English Language Centre is the place for you.

Set in the beautiful countryside of Berkshire, with easy access to London, Oxford, Windsor, Brighton and many other famous locations, the Newbold English Language Centre offers a diverse experience of language, culture and social life within a Christian context.

Why enrol in English Language study with us?

  • Develop your English through our learner-centered approach to teaching that focuses on your needs, and courses that are designed to support sufficient learning
  • Take advantage of our highly qualified teachers, who focus on communication in the classrooms and encourage you to constantly practise
  • Experience English in action – in classes and everywhere around you – and develop transferable skills such as teamwork, intercultural and creative communication, critical and creative thinking and study skills.
  • Enjoy educational and cultural trips as you explore historical and cultural locations in England, and special events during the semester that let you experience British culture.

Your future matters.

  • You will have opportunities to develop transferable skills such as teamwork, intercultural communication, critical and creative thinking, and study skills, which can help you succeed in further studies.
  • At the end of your studies, you will receive a Newbold College of Higher Education English Language Centre Certificate.
  • The ELC will also help you prepare for any language tests you would like to take (e.g. IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL etc)

2020 Online Autumn Semester

How will the semester be structured?

To accommodate the various time zones around the globe, we will have 15 hours per week of face-to-face lessons and guided independent study.

Part 1: Classes (6 weeks) + British Culture Week (1 week)

Part 2: Classes (6 weeks) + Exams and Certificate Ceremony (1 week)

  • What classes will be offered online?

    The modules we will teach are:

    • 4 hours/week + 3 hours/week guided independent study : Language (grammar and vocabulary)
    • 1 hour/week + 2 hours/week guided independent study: Reading & Writing
    • 3 hours/week : Speaking & Listening
    • 1 hour/week: British Culture
    • 1 hour/week: English in Action
    • 1 hour/week : Optional for intermediate (B1) to advanced (C1) level: Exam Preparation
  • Other parts of the programme:

    • 30-45 minutes/week : One-to-one tutorials with the language and skills teachers
    • 30 minutes/week: ELC Assembly
    • 1 week: British Culture Week
How will we teach?

Similar to the programme on campus, we will emphasise communicative and immersive learning. The immersive aspect will come from interactive virtual experiences and British Culture week activities.

To enable most productive learning, we will use the flipped classroom approach. This means reduced face-to-face class time and increased guided independent study time to practise English. Additionally, students will have 30-45 minutes per week of one-to-one tutorials with the language and skills teachers to discuss individual areas of language development.

What resources will we use?
  • E-textbooks based on the integrated-skills approach and authentic language input
  • Supplementary materials
  • Moodle
How many levels will there be?

There will be 4 groups ranging from elementary (A1) to advanced (C1) level.

What will my timetable look like?

Below is an example of the timetable.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00-10:00 Guided independent study Guided independent study Guided independent study Guided independent study Guided independent study
10:00-11:00 Language Language Language Language Exam Preparation
11:00-12:00 Skills Skills Skills Skills 1:1 tutorial
12:00-13:00 British Culture

(Group 1)

British Culture

(Group 2)

English in Action ELC Assembly

(30 minutes)

Guided independent study

Note: Please note that there may be slight adjustments to the times, depending on the students’ time zones.

What is English in Action?

The purpose of English in Action is to experience virtual immersion into the English language and culture by participating in practical workshops. All levels will come together to build knowledge of subject-specific vocabulary and grammar while learning new skills such as baking the traditional English scone, Scottish dancing, photography, and much more. This new module will be offered online instead of Creative Communication.

What will we do during British Culture Week?

As part of British Culture Week we will have virtual excursions to famous landmarks in the UK, participate in a literature adventure and more.

Why should I join the online programme?
  • One extra week of face-to-face lessons in place of one British Culture Week
  • Complimentary British Culture experiences in spring 2021 for students continuing their English studies – trips to famous landmarks and musical in London’s West End
Other important information

The programme on campus allows for Advanced level students to swap one module with a Theology, Business or Humanities module. This option is only available as part of the on campus programme.