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English Language Centre

A cultural experience like no other. Master your English and build friendships for life.

About the Centre

Study English at the heart of England and British culture. Whether you’re looking to experience the culture, continue your studies in English, sit a language exam, be able to communicate fluently at work, use the language with ease around the globe or just need time off to discover who you are, the Newbold English Language Centre is the place for you.

Set in the beautiful countryside of Berkshire, with easy access to London, Oxford, Windsor, Brighton and many other famous locations, the Newbold English Language Centre offers a diverse experience of language, culture and social life within a Christian context.

Why enrol in English Language study with us?

  • Develop your English through our learner-centered approach to teaching that focuses on your needs, and courses that are design to support sufficient learning
  • Take advantage of our highly qualified teachers, whofocus on communication in the classrooms and encourageyou to constantly practise
  • Experience English in action – in classes and everywhere around you – and develop transferable skills such asteamwork, intercultural and creative communication, critical and creative thinking and study skills.
  • Enjoy educational and cultural trips as you explore historical and cultural locations in England, and special events during the semester that let you experience Britishculture.

Your future matters.

  • You will have opportunities to develop transferable skills such as teamwork, intercultural communication, critical and creative thinking, and study skills, which can help you succeed in further studies.
  • At the end of your studies, you will receive a Newbold College of Higher Education English Language Centre Certificate.
  • The ELC will also help you prepare for any language tests you would like to go on and take (e.g. IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL etc)

The programme breakdown

English Language Centre

Your programme

When you arrive at Newbold your English will be assessed and you will be placed into a class appropriate to your level of English. Classes are held in the morning and early afternoon, with a total of fifteen hours each week. The normal class size is twelve students, and the maximum class size is twenty students.

Each semester is divided into two six-week study sessions of classroom work, followed by a British Culture Week.

During our British Culture Weeks you will participate in cultural trips to places such as London, Oxford, Brighton, and nearby Windsor Castle. You will also learn through practical and hands-on experiences, everyday conversation and structured classes during our study sessions.

Advanced students may also be able to enrol in modules from other courses Newbold offers, such as Business, Humanities and Theology.


Through structured classroom learning you will study English grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and oral communication. You will also complete modules that address ethical and cultural issues.

Our classes focus on language as a communicative tool and aim to help you grow in knowledge, skill and confidence. You will also practise listening and speaking during social activities and events on campus, and as you interact with your fellow students.

English Language Centre

Learning Structure

The Focus

English Language classes focus on understanding and command of the vocabulary, structure and grammar of English.


Reading and Writing develops comprehension and composition skills, providing opportunities to address different texts, and practise various forms of writing.

Speaking and Listening addresses oral communication skills through listening assignments, conversation tasks, and presentations.

British Culture classes invite students to peek into the past and present realities of life in the UK and provide an extra opportunity to practise language learnt in classes.

Creative Communication challenges students to practise English and develop their general communication skills through different creative group projects, ranging from visual arts and video to drama and cooking. Differently from other modules, this one is not language-level specific, but invites students to work together irrespective of their knowledge of English.