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General English Plus

Following the recently announced changes to Newbold’s course offerings and organisational structure, this course is no longer accepting new students.

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We are pleased to introduce General English Plus, an English Language course specifically focused on developing vocabulary in pastoral ministry.

Ideal for Pastors, leaders in Ministry and church missionaries, enhancing your English Language will enrich your church and the wider community through public speaking, leading of Sabbath School lessons, and even through your development of understanding biblical terminology.

This short online course offers 15 hours of virtual face-to-face lesson delivery, guided independent study, and will focus on the key areas of grammar and vocabulary, reading and writing, speaking and listening, and customised vocabulary sessions based on your pastoral purpose.


Hours per week:

Language (grammar and vocabulary) Reading & Writing Speaking & Listening Vocabulary for pastoral purposes
4 hours + 3 hours guided independent study 1 hour + 2 hours guided independent study 3 hours 2 hours (incl. public speaking, leading sabbath school lesson, understanding biblical terminology)


Systematic and balanced grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and skills development through authentic input designed to build confidence to communicate.