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Expand your knowledge, delve deeper and become a specialist in your chosen pathway.

Move on to the next stage in your education with us.

The decision to embark on continuing your Theological studies is a very personal one. You may want to progress in your education, pursue a subject you are passionate about or even contribute to making the world a better place. Your time with us will offer more than just a Master’s degree. In a supportive and collaborative environment, studying for a postgraduate degree at Newbold will enable you to achieve your academic, personal, and spiritual ambitions.

Let us help you unlock your potential further as a Newboldian.

“I am so grateful that God called me into the ministry. I draw inspiration from the fact that God wants to save everyone, and He is, what could describe as being obsessed with that idea, and there’s nothing that will stop Him in His mission. Added to that, I am inspired to know we have the Christian freedom to preach that confidently and to live life boldly because we know we have a loving God.”

Pastor Lolly Fontaine, Kennington Camberwell Fellowship Life Church