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Ministry and Mission (Postgraduate Certificate)

Maximise your employability while inculcating a desire and passion for life-long learning and personal development.

Postgraduate Certificate in Mission

The Postgraduate Certificate in Mission is primarily designed as an extension programme for students who have completed a Master of Arts in Theology (or equivalent) and want to start a career in ministry within the Trans-European Division (TED) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

While in combination with the MA Theology this course is a requirement for ministerial employment in the TED, it is also for anyone with the relevant entry requirements who would like to undertake postgraduate studies with a focus on ministry and mission.

Newbold’s comprehensive training with equip you with:
  • A deeper and more diverse insight into models of mission and evangelism.
  • The opportunity to understand and practice a wider spectrum of preaching styles.
  • The ability to analyse and process current issues in society and the Church.
  • The appropriate preparation for the next stage of your career, be that further education or one of many areas of employment.
Course details
Programme: Postgraduate

Course length: 1 semester (full-time) or up to 3 semesters (part-time)

Mode of delivery: Online synchronous

Course tuition for academic year 2024/2025: £5,017

Validated by: University of Wales Trinity Saint David (United Kingdom)
Intake: 2 September 2024 (part-time) or 27 January 2025 (full-time or part-time)
Application deadline: 9 August 2024 (part-time) or 3 January 2025 (full-time or part-time)
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The Postgraduate Certificate in Ministry and Mission is a one-semester programme that complements the Master of Arts in Theology degree in practical theology and the mission field. It provides cutting-edge analysis of relevant cultural and societal trends in Europe today.

The programme prepares students for ministry by teaching innovative and constructive responses to the current and complex questions related to ministry and mission as they unfold in our increasingly pluralistic and culturally diverse society.

Dr Jan Barna, Postgraduate Programme Leader, Principal Lecturer in Systematic Theology
Comprehensive preparation
The emphasis
This specialist course places focus on pastoral, leadership, administration, ethics and mission. The structure, content and assessment patterns of the programme have been designed in such a way as to equip you with the critical and analytical skills necessary to ensure your maximum employability while inculcating a desire and passion for life-long learning and personal development.


To fulfil the requirements for the Postgraduate Certificate in Ministry and Mission you will need to successfully complete 60 credits of the modules listed below.

The modules offered change every year – with a minimum of three postgraduate modules offered at the start of the semester. These modules may also require intensive, mandatory attendance on campus with dates scheduled in advance.

  • Healthy churches: Planting & Revitalising (20 credits)
    Approach church planting and revitalisation from a missiological perspective, incorporating the biblical theology of mission, contextualised by sociological and cultural factors, which impact church planting and developing Christian discipleship.
  • Engaging Contemporary European Culture (20 credits)
    Examine epistemological issues between various worldviews in Europe and the Bible with critical analysis of the concepts that shaped those worldviews' historical, philosophical, and scientific aspects.
  • Digital Discipleship (20 credits)
    An analytical and evaluative study of biblical and secular communication, examining the communication of the Gospel through digital media, including social media, live streaming and radio broadcasts.


             PG Cert Timetable and Handbook 


This programme is also ideal for those such as elders, lay missionaries and others who have undertaken previous studies in theology and would like to upgrade their skills or increase their knowledge base to apply either in their current work or ministry, or to improve their employment opportunities within the Church.
Your campus experience
  • Courses that are shaped with mindful intention to serve as gateways to ministry in its various forms.
  • An intimate class setting, granting you 1:1 access to leading academic staff who are devoted to enriching your ministry, your life and your spiritual development.
  • Daily campus fellowship through student programmes curated to evoke inspirational gathering and the meeting of similar minds.
  • Immersive yet subconscious forms of learning and worship that are interlaced into every day across academia and student life – it is those late-night dorm conversations, the sharing of perspectives across the halls that will shape you for life.
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