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Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA)

ACA, your way.

Recently we announced changes to Newbold’s course offerings and organisational structure. While these changes will primarily affect our Business, Humanities, and English Language courses and programmes, we are still able to offer intake for the ACA programme for January 2021. The changes should not affect our offerings in the Department of Theological Studies.

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About the Programme

At Newbold you can study British Literature in the country where it was written, just a stone’s throw away from where important historical events took place and where classic literature was inspired.

You can do all this by coming to Newbold for a semester or two through the Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA) programme.

Why study the Adventist College Abroad programme with us?

  • Visit the sites and towns associated with renowned authors such as Shakespeare, Austen, Dickens, Tolkien and Lewis.
  • Become immersed in historical landmarks such as Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace, the Tower of London and Stonehenge

Earn credits towards your degree as well as general education and electives. At least six guided trips take place per semester

Your future matters.

To enrol in this programme is to give yourself life-changing opportunities. You will be able to:

  • Develop both personally and professionally as you expand your comfort zone through studying abroad
  • Experience what the British lifestyle and culture has to offer, through study tours, lectures and other opportunities
  • Broaden your approach to research – with the academic rigour that you will be put through in your lecture
  • You will have the chance to develop and hone your writing and research skills

The course breakdown

The ACA programme

Essential Information

How to apply for our ACA programme

As an ACA student, you will need to apply through your home Adventist college of university. This allows you to keep any federal and state loans and grants (and in some cases scholarships) that you normally receive, as well as educational subsidy for qualified students.

The modules

The ACA programme gives you the freedom to choose between 15 us credits in each semester, from modules within the study areas listed. Generally, 15 US credits equals five modules, worth 3 us credits each, although the number of credits a module is worth may occasionally vary.

Choose any modules from the categories below:

  • Humanities - Autumn Semester (September to December)

    (Options include English literature, British history, fine arts and performing arts)

    • 3: ENGL300 - British Literary Texts on Film and Location I
    • 3: HIST/RELH325 - British History: Reformation to Revolution
    • 3: HIST320 - British History in Context I
    • 3: HIST345/RELH345 - Anglo-Saxon Britain
    • 3: ARTH208 - Fine Arts I: Medieval to Baroque
    • 3: ANTH215 - Multicultural Britain: An Anthropological Approach
    • 3: ENGL330 - English Literature in Context I
    • 1: MUPF136 - College Choir
    • 1-2: MUPF165 - Applied Music (instrument and/or voice)
  • Humanities - Spring Semester (January to May)

    (Options include English literature, British history, fine arts and performing arts)

    • 3: ENGL400 - British Literary Texts on Film and Location II
    • 3: ENGL430 - English Literature in Context II
    • 3: ENGL375 - Literary Topics: Shakespeare Drama Practicum
    • 3: HIST410 - British History: Empire to Entropy
    • 3: HIST430 - British History in Context II
    • 3: ARTH209 - Fine Arts II: Classical to 21st Century
    • 3: COMM200 - Media and Communication: A British Perspective
    • 1: MUPF137 - College Choir
    • 1-2: MUPF166 - Applied Music (instrument and/or voice)
  • Business Studies - Autumn Semester (September to December)

    (Options include International Management and Continental European Marketing)

    • 3: MKTG275 - British and Continental European Marketing
    • 3: MGNT340 - Personnel Management in Britain and Continental Europe
    • 3: MKT355 - International Marketing: A British and Continental Europe Perspective
  • Business Studies - Spring Semester (January to May)

    (Options include International Management and Continental European Marketing)

    • 3: BUAD410 - British and European Business Skills
    • 3: MGNT4505 - International Management
  • Theology and Religious Studies - Spring Semester (January to May)

    (Options include biblical studies and theological studies)

    • 3: RELT350 - Religion and Ethics in Modern Society
    • 3: RELB225 - The Pentateuch