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Graduate Diploma in Biblical and Pastoral Studies

Complete all the modules, apply for postgraduate studies with us.

Recently we announced changes to Newbold’s course offerings and organisational structure. These changes will primarily affect our Business, Humanities, and English Language courses and programmes, and should not affect courses in our Centre for Ministry and Mission.

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About the Course

While it may also be completed as a stand-alone course, the Graduate Diploma in Biblical and Pastoral Studies is primarily intended as a one-year bridging programme for entry to the Master of Arts in Theology. It aims to provide the necessary foundational theological knowledge for those with an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than Theology, who would like to pursue postgraduate theological studies.

Why enrol in this Graduate Diploma with us?

  • You will be able to develop a deep and relevant knowledge of the biblical texts.
  • You can develop the ability to study the biblical texts independently with critical insight, accompanied by clear argumentation and communication.
  • You will be educated in all scholarly and vocational aspects of pastoral ministry in a Seventh-day Adventist context.
  • You will recognise and develop personal values and explore Christian perspectives in relation to other worldviews.

Your future matters.

This course will prepare you for entry to the Master of Arts in Theology with us.

The course breakdown

Graduate Diploma in Biblical and Pastoral Studies

Your academic year

This course provides a basis for postgraduate study in systematic theology and in the biblical and pastoral areas.

The structure, content and assessment patterns of the course have been designed in such a way as to equip you with the critical and analytical skills necessary to progress to postgraduate study, the requirement for pastoral and ministerial employment with the Trans-European Division.

Graduate Diploma in Biblical and Pastoral Studies

Work experience

We recognise the importance of practical application and for many years we have provided work placement opportunities as a part of the Graduate Diploma. These placements give students the opportunity to experience, report, and reflect on areas such as pastoral ministry, psychology in ministry, and pastoral evangelism and discipleship.

From the first semester, there are opportunities to preach on Sabbath, lead Sabbath school with adults, youth and children, participate in church life activities such as Pathfinders and Adventurers, and be involved in board meetings.

Graduate Diploma in Biblical and Pastoral Studies

Newbold Ministerial Society

As a Theology student you become an automatic member of the Newbold Ministerial Society. The Society provides a range of events and activities for its members, such as seminars, social activities, and mission and evangelism trips.


The Graduate Diploma in Biblical and Pastoral Studies programme includes modules in biblical, pastoral and theological pathways.

  • Year One

    To complete the Graduate Diploma in Biblical and Pastoral Studies, you will study the following modules.

    Disclaimer: the module codes are to be confirmed at this stage.

    • 10: Pauline Epistles
    • 20: Daniel & Revelation
    • 20: Development of Seventh-day Adventist Theology
    • 10: Biblical Theology
    • 20: Pastoral Ministry
    • 10: Pastoral Psychology & Counselling
    • 20: Introduction to Greek/Hebrew
    • 10: Intermediate Greek/Hebrew

Entry Requirements

Our mission is to provide quality higher education and unlock our students’ potential from all educational backgrounds. Here are our entry requirements.



To be eligible for entry to the Graduate Diploma in Biblical and Pastoral Studies, you will need to have completed:

An undergraduate degree in any area (BA or similar)

If English is not your native language, you will need to demonstrate that you have a sufficient standard of the language to study. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.