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Newbold Diversity Centre

Celebrating differences together.

What is the Diversity Centre?

The Diversity Centre at Newbold College of Higher Education creates and hosts lectures and conferences which explore ideas about human differences in an open, inclusive environment.

It is dedicated to creating a forum where majority and minority groups can discuss, reconcile and celebrate their differences in a safe space.

It aims not to emphasise differences at the expense of commonality, but emphasises what we have in common and balances that with what makes us unique.

How you can attend:

For the 2021 Autumn Semester, the Diversity Centre lectures will take place on Zoom Webinar, which you can register to attend when they are announced.

The lectures will take place on a Tuesday night at 19:30 (BST) online.

Upcoming Lectures

Diversity Centre Lecture


Thank you so much for attending the spring semester Diversity Lectures, we have so very much enjoyed connecting with you.

Please keep an eye out for announcements on the Diversity Centre Lectures for the 2021-2022 Academic Year.

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Diversity Centre Mailing List

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