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Create the future you want. A bespoke study experience based on your interests.

Please note: In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), this course will be taught online for the 2020 autumn semester.
Our updates in response to COVID-19


About the Course

Pursue your interests in Europe by taking General Electives at Newbold for up to two years.

The freedom to choose your modules in this all-inclusive year gives you the flexibility to undertake modules at an undergraduate level without enrolling in a specific degree course.

Why take Generals with us?

  • You will focus on your faith, study spirituality, and reflect on religion
  • You can gain an insight into a range ofdifferent subjects which may help you decide what you would like to focus on in the future
  • You will strive for academic excellence across a broad range of subjects and study areas
  • You will engage with people from around the world and, through them, experience a variety of different cultures

Your future matters.

The credits you receive from this programme are offered in partnership with Andrews University or Washington Adventist University and are able to be transferred into other courses within the US educational system,including the programmes offered at Newbold through our US partner institutions, as well as courses in other countries.

If you are from outside the UK and you choose to study at Newbold you will will gain study abroad experience that is greatly valued by employers, and which gives you an edge when it comes to employment opportunities as a graduate.

The course breakdown


How the credits work

Under Generals  you can study at Newbold from one to four semesters, taking US credits from modules we offer in partnership with Andrews University and Washington Adventist University taken from US major and general education requirements.

The credits you receive from this programme are offered in partnership with Andrews University or Washington Adventist University and are able to be transferred into other programmes within the US educational system, including the programmes offered at Newbold through our US partner institutions.

Studying Generals gives you the freedom to choose up to 15 US credits in each semester, from modules within the study areas listed below. Generally, 15 US credits equals give modules, worth 3 US credits each, although the number of credits a module is worth may occasionally vary.

While 15 US credits (five modules) is considered a full-time load, you may choose to do an additional module, to total 18 credits per semester (an additional cost for you to consider).

Providing any prerequisites have been completed satisfactorily, you may take any combination of the following modules.


  • Humanities - English Literature

    Choose from our range of modulesin English literature, history and finearts. Through these modules you will have the opportunity to experience a unique learning environment in the classroom and beyond as you participate in trips and tours to related and significant sites of cultural, literary and historical interest. You will encounter authors such as Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Dickens, T.S. Eliot, Woolf, Tolkien and C.S. Lewis by studying modules such as these.

    • 3: ENGL255A - Text on Film and Location I
    • 3: ENGL225B - Text on Film and Location II
    • 3: ENGL478A - English Study Tour A
    • 3: ENGL478B - English Study Tour B
    • 3: ENGL425H - C. S. Lewis, Literature and the Religious Life
    • 3: ENGL425 - Shakespeare Drama Practicum
  • Humanities - British History

    Explore historical locations such as the dungeons and execution spots in the Tower of London, and marvel at Henry VIII’s Great Hall at Hampton Court Palace, as you study modules from our British history selection.

    • 3: HIST437F - Reformation to Revolution
    • 3: HIST437G - Empire to Entropy
    • 3: HIST378A - History Study Tour A
    • 3: HIST378B - History Study Tour B
    • 3: HIST345 - Anglo-Saxon Britain
  • Theology and Religious Studies

    Choose from any of the theology and religious studies modules that we offer through our partnership with Andrews University in our undergraduate degrees in theology and religious studies. We recommend that you choose from foundation modules that allow you to begin to explore and gain knowledge in this area.

    • 3: RELG360C - Foundations of Biblical Studies
    • 3: RELG360D - Foundations of Christian Theology
    • 3: RELT340 - Religion and Ethics in Modern Society
    • 3: RELB216 - Law and Writings in the Old Testament
  • Business

    Choose from a range of business modules that weoffer. We recommend that you choose modules thatgive you an awareness of the cultural influences that affect management and modules that explore the philosophies and principles of international marketing, economics and accounting.

    • 3: ECON265 - Economics for Business
    • 3: MGMT301 - Principles of Management
    • 3: MKTG310 - Principles of Marketing
    • 3: MKTG425 - International Marketing
  • Performing Arts

    Improve your music and drama skills as you study musical and dramatic performance, and experience concerts and performances in London’s world- famous venues, through modules such as these.

    • 3: IDSC205 - Introduction to Fine Arts I
    • 3: IDSC206 - Introduction to Fine Arts II
    • 3: ENGL425 - Literary Topics: Shakespeare Drama Practicum
    • 3: MUCT141 - Music Theory I: Intro to Harmony
    • 3:

      MUPF464 – Applied Music 2

      MUPF3 - Applied Music 1
    • 3: MUPF464 - Applied Music 2
    • 3: MUPF397 - Junior Recital 1
    • 3: MUPF497 - Senior Recital 2