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Getting to know the Old Testament prophets

Old Testament lecturer Dr Ivan Milanov says students will never view prophets and their messages the same after taking Newbold’s module in Old Testament Prophets.

I teach a module called Old Testament Prophets in the third year of the BA degree in Biblical and Pastoral Studies. It allows students to understand what we term ‘the phenomenon of Old Testament prophecy’. In other words, everything that Old Testament prophecy comprises, such as its message, form and background. The module enables students to engage in an informed exegesis (critical explanation) of the Hebrew prophets from an Adventist hermeneutical (scriptural interpretation) perspective.

If you are wondering why we teach this module, think about the prophetic books of the Old Testament as a fundamental part of the Bible firstly, because the Old Testament prophets revealed God and his will to their audiences. Secondly, the prophets were the spiritual and moral reformers of their societies. Although most of them were seen as troublemakers and fiercely opposed by their contemporaries, they brought God’s blessings to the people over time. Last but not least, these prophets announced the coming of the ‘Kingdom of God’, that was inaugurated by the First Advent [Christ’s birth], and its completion from the Second Advent [Christ’s return] onwards.

Students have much to gain from this module. They learn how to skilfully apply their knowledge of the Hebrew prophets in concrete and abstract pastoral contexts and critically evaluate competing ideological stances from a Seventh-day Adventist perspective, knowing how they affect the work of translators and commentators.

Studying the Old Testament prophets benefits everyone. First and foremost, students learn from the lives and ministry of the prophets and what it takes to be a faithful servant of God in terms of spirituality and integrity. Furthermore, they will feel a strong urge to be a blessing to others. In the end, they pass the crucial messages of the ancient prophets to contemporary audiences.

Finally, after completing this module, students will never view the prophets and their messages in the same way. They will experience the power of God’s prophetic message and go into ministry knowing how to move their audiences profoundly through the preaching and teaching of prophetic messages. They will help them to choose God and change their lives for the better.

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Ivan Milanov Profile Photo

Dr Ivan Milanov

Senior Lecturer in Old Testament

Dr Ivan Milanov describes the Old Testament as a “gorgeous collection of books”. He specialises in the book of Daniel and is passionate about all the prophetic books of the Bible, the messages they contain, the characteristics of the prophets and their determination to share God’s message.

Connect with Ivan directly at: [email protected]

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