Lecturer Calls Australian Audience to Become “Fishers of Men”

Newbold Theology lecturer, Dr Ivan Milanov, recently returned from a trip to Australia where he was the invited main speaker for the 27th biennial Congress of the Former Yugoslavian Seventh-day Adventist churches in Australia. The event took place on the campus of Avondale College of Higher Education in Cooranbong, New South Wales, on the first weekend of January, 2017.

Dr Milanov, who is orginially from Macedonia, spoke to the Congress theme, Follow Me, based on Matthew 4:18, in which Jesus sees the brothers Simon (called Peter) and Andrew fishing in the Sea of Galilee and invites them to instead become fishers of men.

Over 500 adults and children attended the services on Sabbath, and services were streamed online throughout the Congress. Many Former Yugoslavian Adventists scattered around the globe followed the programme online, making the weekend a global event.

Dr Milanov also visited other Former Yogoslavian Adventist churches in Melbourne, Victoria, and in Brisbane, Queensland, where he preached several times at the Seddon (VIC) Salisbury (QLD) Adventist Churches. He was also very complimantary of the church members and pastors that he met during his visit, commenting that they were “excellent hosts”.

Dr Milanov was able to take the opportunity to speak about Newbold and the work that the College is doing to educate future Adventist pastors and provide an opportunity for young people to study in an Adventist environment, in the Trans-European Division.

“During the congress, a worship leader in his late sixties expressed a wish to study Hebrew language. I suggested that he would be more than welcome to come and join us at Newbold!” said Dr Milanov. “Many people were also surprised how cost-effective Newbold is compared to other universities and colleges in the US, and even to Avondale itself. Many Australians, young adults in particular, are very fond of Europe, and they were excited about the opportunity to study at Newbold where they would receive their education in a European context.”

Audiences received Dr Milanov’s messages very positively, and were pleasantly surprised that they could be academically and spiritually balanced. “Some members were even surprised that an academic could deliver a spiritual message!” he said.

Dr Milanov enjoyed his trip Down Under, but recalls that the weather was particularly ferocious, and for many parts of Australia this January was the warmest on record. “The weather was the hottest while I was in Queensland, and on New Year’s Day we went for a swim in the Pacific Ocean to cool off,” he said.

For more information, or to invite one of our academic staff to give a sermon or guest talk at your church or event, please contact the College at info@newbold.ac.uk or on +44 (0)1344 407492.

Kirsty Watkins
Publications and Alumni Relations Coordinator

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