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Newbold Academic Press

What is Newbold Academic Press?

Newbold Academic Press was established by the College in early 2015 and publishes a variety of titles authored or edited by Newbold staff, graduates, and other internationally-respected Adventist authors.

The Press promotes high-quality, original research and creative works primarily from within the College, as well as publications with a significant relationship to its history, staff members or curriculum areas.

Managed by an Editorial Panel and supported by a critical peer review process for selected volumes, Newbold Academic Press supports the College’s priorities to:

  • Provide high-quality, creative and challenging learning opportunities
  • Promote and mentor the spiritual growth of students and staff
  • Nurture and support students throughout their learning experience
  • Promote opportunities for service to meet the needs of others.

For more information on the Newbold Academic Press, on getting published or purchasing a publication, please contact our Academic Registrar.


Newbold Academic Press offers books in five different series:
  • Festschriften and anniversary publications
  • Scholarly volumes, such as theses and dissertations
  • Monographs
  • Collections of articles and conference proceedings
  • Biographical works

To date, our published work consists of:

  • 2016

    Ecclesia Reformata, Semper Reformanda

  • 2015

    Ordination Reconsidered

  • 2015

    Reaching Post-Christian Europeans

  • 2015

    Journeys to Wisdom