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Newbold Insights

Sharing our expertise and experience

Newbold Insights

Welcome to Newbold Insights – a marvellous opportunity to experience a piece of Newbold, no matter where you are, through webinar series created by our experts to meet your needs.

One of the unique traits of Newbold is its remarkably big student to instructor ratio – we are a small community where each student has the privilege to have the lecturers’ full attention. Whilst this is amazing for academic growth and a sense of community, there are times when we wish we had a chance to share the expertise and the experience accumulated on our campus with more people. Our aim is to put our knowledge to the service of our communities all over the world, to give of what we have been blessed with, to soak in the feedback from people engaging in a dialogue with us, and to learn and grow in that exchange.

It is from these values and aims that Newbold Insights was born. It is a larger project of preparing, recording, and delivering packages of webinars addressing different target groups, different contexts, and different needs in hope that our insights can be helpful. To enable the presenters to speak meaningfully into your reality, each webinar will be delivered live and feature a Q&A and discussion section after the pre-recorded presentation.

Whether you are looking for an answer to a burning academic question, interested in finding some training sessions for your professional development, or just curious about what is happening on our campus – this series will be for you.

We hope to see you in one of our webinars soon!

Newbold Insights - English Language Centre

Presented by Caroline Zagara, Kärt Lazić and Madli Vahtramäe, this set of webinars is designed for English teachers that range from primary to ESOL.

The webinars cover a variety of topics, including effective teaching methods, key principles of teaching English, developing your confidence and delivery style, advice on how to improve student engagement and other professional development subjects to help you further develop your career.

More Insights coming soon.