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Newbold Insights with the English Language Centre

Side by side with the degree classes, Newbold has a tradition of offering great programmes for students interested in improving their English.

This has enabled our English teachers to gather years of experience in working with students from all over the world to help them find the most efficient and enjoyable ways of making progress in their language studies. And, even though we will always be looking for fresh approaches to improve our delivery, we also believe that we have made some valuable discoveries along the way.

These discoveries we would now like to share with others – we have put together a package of webinars reaching out to teachers, language teachers, and ESOL teachers in different parts of the world, hoping to be of help and to learn more from each other through dialogue. 

Webinar Presenters

Newbold Insights


For the first set of webinars, we have brought together a team of instructors closely related to the Newbold English Language Centre (ELC). 

Caroline Zagara (BA in Education Studies, Associateship in TESOL) is one of the teachers on the ELC team. She has had the privilege of growing up multilingual and working in different language environments, which has granted her with a special insight into the joys and complexities of language learning. Caroline’s unique passion lies in finding ways to make language learning simultaneously informative and engaging through different creative projects in and outside the classroom. 

Madli Vahtramäe (MA in Special Education) lives and works in Estonia as a special educator most of the time but has been an irreplaceable part of the ELC’s Summer School in English programmes over the last years. Participants of the summer school would see her running the intense and diverse social and spiritual programme as well as giving guest lectures to Summer School PLUS Education students on the importance of noticing the individual needs of each person in your classroom. Seeing and caring are also among Madli’s primary gifts. 

Kärt Lazić (MA in English Language and Literature, MA in English Studies) has combined her theoretical studies of the English language with years of experience of teaching it both in and outside the UK. She believes in figuring out the larger philosophical picture of teaching as well as paying good attention to the particulars of fascinating and creative communication of how the English language works. She is known for being genuinely excited about complex grammar issues and trying to convey that excitement to all students. 


  • Session 1: September 16

    The How-s and the Why-s of Learning English: How to Help Your Students Understand Your Philosophy of Teaching

    Date: September 16  – 17:00-18:00

    Presented by: Kärt Lazić

    Primary Target Group: English teachers – all levels and age groups


    What you will get

    • A close look at the key principles of teaching English so that it makes a difference in the students’ practical skills
    • Practical ideas for implementing these principles in your teaching
    • Tips for communicating the “big questions” to your students
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  • Session 2: September 23

    Integrated Learning: Projects Preparing Students for their Professional Lives

    Date: September 23 17:00-18:00

    Presented by: Caroline Zagara

    Primary Target Group: Language teachers – all levels and age groups


    What you will get

    • An overview of what integrated learning is and how it can contribute to language development.
    • Practical project ideas based on integrated learning which could benefit your students’ professional lives.
    • A closer look at a job-search based project and what I have learnt from it.
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  • Session 3: September 30

    Special Needs in Classroom

    Date: September 30 17:00-18:00

    Presented by: Madli Vahtramäe

    Primary Target Group: Teachers – all levels, age groups, and subjects


    What you will get

    • Questions to bear in mind when observing individual students in your classroom
    • Steps for identifying possible struggles
    • Strategies for finding solutions and helping the student
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  • Session 4: October 7

    English in Action: Creating Opportunities for (Online and Offline) Content-Based Immersive Language Learning

    Date: October 7 17:00-18:00

    Presented by: Miriam Stoykov

    Primary Target Group: Language teachers – all levels and age groups


    What you will get

    • An exploration of content-based and immersive learning: experiencing language and cultural immersion through practical workshops
    • A closer look at the innovative concept of English in Action
    • An overview of the methodology behind these classes
    • Practical examples of implementation in the (online and offline) classroom


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