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May 23, 2024

Newbold Reinstates Role of Vice-Principal

The Newbold College of Higher Education Board appoints Dr Dan Serb as Vice Principal, reviving the position after Dr Michael Pearson’s retirement. Currently serving as president of the Irish Mission, Dr Serb brings extensive experience in pastoral leadership and conflict resolution.

Daniel Duda, Chair of the Newbold College Board, and NCHE Principal Stephen Currow welcome Serb’s appointment, highlighting his leadership skills and innovative initiatives. Serb expresses his excitement to join Newbold while acknowledging the bittersweet moment of leaving his ministry in the Irish Mission.


Mar 20

To July 25
Dr Gunnar Pedersen: A Personal Journey in Adventist Theology
To July 25

Explore Adventist theology through the lens of Dr Gunnar Pedersen’s wealth of expertise and ongoing academic endeavours. On 20 March in Salisbury Hall, Dr Pedersen, Principal Lecturer Emeritus in systematic and biblical theology, will share his insights and personal journey in Adventist theology. We are delighted to welcome Dr Pedersen as he continues to invigorate our community with his understanding.

Salisbury Hall | Livestream

Feb 13, 2024

Newbold Student Association’s Impact Recognised: awarded for exceptional ASNA support

On an inspiring evening in December, the Newbold Student Association (NSA) was honoured with the Outstanding Group Fundraiser Award for their unwavering support of the Adventist Special Needs Association (ASNA). This recognition underscores their commitment to inclusivity and community spirit, as they organised successful auctions and collaborated with the Missionary Impact Agency (MIA) to champion ASNA’s cause.


Jan 25, 2024

A Fond Farewell: Dejan Stojkovic Joins the South Pacific Division

In a significant transition to lead as the Youth Director for the Greater Sydney Conference within the South Pacific Division, Dejan Stojkovic, former Youth Director of the Trans-European Division (TED), started a new chapter in Sydney, Australia on January 5, 2024. Expressing our sincere gratitude, we thank Dejan for his unwavering support and active engagement in the revitalised One Year in Mission and Service programme, as well as his impactful contributions to student life and worship experiences on campus.