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COVID-19: Update on Newbold’s English Language Centre


COVID-19: Update on Newbold’s English Language Centre

Tuesday 17 March 2020

As Newbold continues to respond to the changing situation surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) it is inevitable that our responses will impact the way that we operate, at least temporarily.

On Monday 16 March we announced that we would be extending the mid-semester break by an additional week, and that when Theology, Business and Humanities classes resume on 30 March they will do so via distance learning.

We have been thinking long and hard, trying to find the best way to take care of our students in the English Language Centre (ELC). It is with regret that we have decided not to teach ELC classes for the rest of the semester.

In the ELC, we believe in teaching English as a tool for practical communication. This means that immersion, one-to-one student support, and the variety of British cultural experiences form a large part of the quality of the learning environment. We cannot see how we could provide our help at the same level online.

What this means for current ELC students

  • Tuition fee refunds: We will be offering refunds of 50% of the semester’s tuition fees. You can choose to invest that money in your fees for the next academic year or get it back as a bank transfer. This refund is in addition to any refund you will receive for accommodation and/or meals. We will get these refunds to you as soon as we can, but this may take some time as we figure out how much you are owed. You will be contacted individually by email when we start working on your case. Students from UNASP will receive their money directly from them.
  • Certificate of Attendance: You will receive a Certificate of Attendance for the first half of the semester that you completed.
  • Online support for the rest of the semester: Our ELC teachers will be available for the rest of the semester to provide support for those of you who would like to continue studying from your homes using your ELC textbook. There will be no charge for this help.
  • Business and Humanities modules: Upper Intermediate and Proficiency students who are also taking modules from our Business or Humanities courses can still continue to follow those classes online.

If you are concerned about how any of these changes might affect your situation, please contact our Academic Registrar, Ms Serena Santona ([email protected]), and please continue to check your student email.

We understand that these are uncertain and worrying times and would like to encourage you again to reach out to our College Chaplain, Pastor Alastair Agbaje ([email protected] or 07703 732278), to any member of our Campus Ministries team, or to your lecturers or other teaching staff if you would like further support.