Sabbath School Teaching Certificate (Level 1): CCL Workshop

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  • Venue: Newbold College of Higher Education
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About this workshop

Jesus went about preaching, teaching and healing and He also commissioned us to “go ye therefore and teach.” This workshop, hosted by Newbold’s Centre for Christian Leadership (CCL), and facilitated by Beulah Plunkett (Sabbath School Director in the North England Conference and Associate Director for PEACE), is about cultivating your teaching ministry by facilitating your development of the skills and understanding of the principles of teaching and learning. You will learn about teaching the Bible, the Sabbath school lesson, seminars and workshops in church.


Who it is for

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in effectively teaching the Sabbath School lesson, a Bible class or delivering a seminar in church. It will help you develop skills and confidence for understanding the teaching and learning process.



Through this workshop, you will learn:

  • Gain a better understanding of the teaching and learning process and principles
  • Recognise the importance of teaching a part of Christian development
  • Understand how to study and teach the Sabbath School lesson, the Bible etc. to small or large groups
  • Know how to plan a lesson, manage time within a lesson and help students to learn and participate in their learning

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