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Living on-campus provides a great social environment, giving you the opportunity to meet lots of new people and make friends from all over the world. Classes, gym, and other facilities are just a few minutes’ walk away!

Schuil House

Schuil House is the main Halls of Residence on campus. It has two floors consisting of twin bedrooms, all of which are currently undergoing renovation. There are laundry facilities and communal areas on each floor and there is a kitchen with a fridge/freezer and stove on the first floor.

  • There are 38 rooms available
  • All rooms have free internet access
  • There is a Residential Life Staff member’s flat located within the building
  • Access to the building is by key access only
  • Rent is inclusive of all utility bills
  • Free laundry facilities are available
  • All rooms feature a washbasin
  • There are ensuite toilets and showers between each two rooms
  • There is a student lounge and recreation area
  • A kitchenette is available to use for guests and students
  • There is a residential prayer room
  • All rooms are equipped with battery-operated smoke alarms
  • Bed linen (including pillow and duvet) and towels are provided for a minimal cost

Room types:

  • Twin room, shared bathroom

All rooms are fitted with curtains or blinds. Linen and pillows are provided and a private telephone port is also available in each bedroom.

If you want furniture removed or replaced you should contact the caretaker. If you want to install equipment such as a TV antenna, a satellite dish or a telephone, you must gain permission from the Residential Life Manager. All furniture must meet the current UK fire safety requirements.

Room preferences are subject to availability.

Family Housing

If you would like to bring your spouse or your family with you while you study at Newbold, the College provides 36 flats, ranging from single- to three-bedroom flats. Most of these flats are located in the Woodlands area of the campus, about 5 minutes’ walk across campus from the main administration and teaching buildings, the Church Centre and Newbold Primary School. There are 3 flat options available for students:

  • 1 bedroom
  • 2 bedroom
  • 3 bedroom

The College’s family housing accommodation varies in age and facilities. Normally the flats are self-contained units and each is provided with a cooker, a refrigerator and basic furniture such as beds, cupboards, a sofa, chairs, a table and a study desk. You will need to provide your own washing machine.

  • Some flats are furnished
  • Fridge provided
  • No washing facilities. You must supply your own washing machine.

Flats are allocated according to a priority system based on course of study, size of family and sponsorship. Sponsored postgraduate students from one of the countries in the Trans-European Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church are given highest priority, followed by sponsored undergraduate students, non-sponsored students and non-degree students.