Dr Päivikki Kuoppakangas

Position: Interim Head of School of Business

Qualifications: BA, BSc, MSc, PhD

+44 (0)1344 407643


Location: Murdoch Hall – Ground Floor


  • Manage and lead the staff within the School of Business
  • Development the School’s strategic direction and implement Newbold’s vision, policies, procedures, and Christian values within it
  • Maintain programmes to a high standard, both internally and externally, identify and develop opportunities for programme expansion, and ensure compliance with Quality Assurance procedures relating to the curriculum
  • Ensure students experience a variety high quality learning opportunities
  • Develop new programmes and maintain the School of Business programmes which are highly regarded internally and externally
  • Ensure a high quality of teaching that is consistent with the Newbold vision and values
  • Undertake scholarly activities, research, consultancy that enhance the academic reputation of the School of Business
  • Promote the School of Business both nationally and internationally
  • Provide input to various committee and boards, including Academic Board, Academic Resources Committee, and the Research Policy Sub-Committee


  • Management, organisation, and leadership
  • Change management
  • International culture and management
  • Strategic dilemma management
  • Research methods and methodology (qualitative)
  • New public management
  • Organisational theories
  • Public sector branding and reputation
  • Higher Education performance measurement
  • Postgraduate programme development


  • Management, organisations, and leadership
  • International culture and management
  • Research methods and methodology (qualitative)
  • Supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations


Journal articles

  • Hytti Ulla and Kuoppakangas Päivikki and Suomi Kati and Chapleo Chris and Giovanardi Massimo (2015): Challenges in delivering brand promise – focusing on municipal healthcare, International Journal of Public Sector Management, ISSN: 0951-3558, Volume 28 (3).
  • Pertti Laine and Päivikki Kuoppakangas (2015): A Reconceptualization of Change Strategy – One Application of Dilemma Theory, Journal of Change Management, ISSN: 1469-7017.
  • Suomi Kati and Kuoppakangas Päivikki and Hytti Ulla and Hampden-Turner Charles and Kangaslahti Jukka (2014): Focusing on dilemmas challenging reputation management in higher education, International Journal of Educational Management, ISSN: 0951-354X, Volume 28 (4).
  • Kuoppakangas Päivikki (2014): Adopting a Municipal Enterprise Form: Expectations and Outcomes – Three Cases and Dilemmas, Journal of Change Management, ISSN: 1469-7017, Volume 14 (1).
  • Kuoppakangas Päivikki and Suomi Kati and Horton Khim (2013): Reputation and Legitimacy: A Comparative View of Three Municipal Enterprises in Finland, International Journal of Public and Private Healthcare Management and Economics, ISSN: 2155-6423, Volume 3 (2).

Conference proceedings (refereed)

  • Kallio, Kirsi-Mari and Kuoppakangas, Päivikki (2016): Performance measurement in universities – Meaningful reconciliations of dilemmas. Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Anaheim US, Public and non-profit organizations, 2016.
  • Kallio, Kirsi-Mari and Kuoppakangas, Päivikki (2016): University performance measurement in the post-NPM era: Contradictory goals. Presentation in IRSPM 2016, Hong Kong, G101: Accounting and Accountability SIG Panel: Interdisciplinary Perspectives for Accounting and Performance Measurement in the Globalized Post-NPM World.
  • Ulla Hytti – Kuoppakangas Päivikki and Kati Suomi and Chris Chapleo and Massimo Giovanardi (2014): Challenges in delivering brand promise – focusing on municipal health care organisations, in: Academy of Management Annual Meeting. Philadelphia US.

Doctoral dissertation

  • Kuoppakangas Päivikki (2015): Decision-making and choice in the adoption of a municipal enterprise form in public healthcare organisations – Reasoning, goals, legitimacy and core dilemmas. Doctoral dissertation. Turku School of Economics in the University of Turku, Series A-9-2016, Suomen yliopistopaino Oy – Juvenes Print. ISBN 978-952-249-448-1.

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