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The Roundup – Episode 25

A collective of ideas to inspire you, each and every week.

At Newbold, we believe in the power of Monday motivation.

You may live outside of the UK, you may have been sleeping under a rock for the last year – if you haven’t heard the name “Captain Tom”, we’ll try really, very hard not to judge you. Kidding! The late Captain at 99 years old wanted to initially raise £1,000 for the National Healthcare Service (NHS) by walking in 100 lengths his garden, aided with a walking frame.

His initiative picked up momentum – to the point where he raised over £32 million and received a knighthood for his outstanding contribution. Captain Tom was without doubt a beacon of light and positivity in what has for many felt like a near-impossible year. After testing positive for COVID-19, Captain Tom sadly passed away on 2 February 2021, but we can all agree that he has left one of the most inspirational legacies that will stay with us forever.

Thinking about Captain Tom has made Danilo contemplate the human experience as we move through the pandemic – some have focused on the vaccine (the promise of it and the apprehension of taking it), others have been struggling with the lack of freedom and not being able to travel – many were stocking up on toilet roll and pasta like never before. Parents can add many, many new things to their CV’s: teacher, master chef, doctor, entertainer (juggler being a key emphasis) and to their skills section they can enhance the ‘time management’ and ‘organisational skills’ bits.

It’s made Danilo wonder – who am I in this pandemic? Am I a light of ray to someone during this time of chaos? Or have I just pressed the pause button with the world?

It’s not too late to be the good for the people around you – though we have a roadmap, this pandemic is still here, and we are still in lockdown. This week, perhaps we can all challenge ourselves to bring some positivity to the small world around us – and sometimes it’s the kindness in the little things that stand out.


Captain Tom

Not all heroes wear capes - let's reflect on his finest moments together.

Song of the week: You'll Never Walk Alone

By Captain Tom Moore, Michael Ball & The NHS Voices of Care Choir. 100% of proceeds from the single are donated to Captain Tom Moore’s 100th Birthday Walk in aid of NHS Charities Together. PS. it made Number 1!

The Roast Potato - paying a culinary tribute to Captain Tom

Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. The roastie was Captain Tom's favourite - so who are we to deny you of this treat to try at home yourself? Here you are taught by none other than our favourite fully-clothed (really hope you get this joke) chef, Jamie Oliver.