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The Roundup – Episode 29

A collective of ideas to inspire you, each and every week.

At Newbold, we believe in the power of Monday motivation.

Danilo recalls a time at school when a friend asked him why his faith was so special and how it differs from other Christian denominations. After a short time, he prepared a little “short course” on Revelation 13 and 14. His friend had never heard anything like this before and didn’t ask about it again.

Shortly after graduating from secondary school, Danilo bumped into a guy from school at a concert on a beach and conversation turned to prayer. It almost seemed like a lightbulb moment for this friend, and he starting asking Danilo questions about prayer and he asked his girlfriend to join them as they talked the night away about God and prayer.

These two experiences got Danilo to thinking, that for him the best message that can be shared with individuals about God, is actually to experience how irresistible He is. God’s beauty can be felt in a person’s heart in conversation – if that doesn’t happen, the prophetic message to some can seem like a story that sounds interesting, but serves as an interpretation of a sci-fi version of the world we live in.

The last few days has seen Christians around the world remembering the key event in the history of salvation – the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So, Danilo’s message for you today is simple: because of what Christ has done, this world is a different place and your life can be a different life – if you experience the beauty of God that was revealed at the beautiful and terrible cross.


Book of the week: ‘The Day the Revolution Began’ by N. T. Wright

Wright explains, in a truly amazing way, how the world changed after the Cross. PS. the book requires engaging with it both intellectually and spiritually - intense but in a great way.

Song of the week: 'Falling in Love with Jesus' by Jonathan Butler

What a song. What a voice. It just so happens to perfectly compliment this week's theme. Your ears are about to thank you!

Last thought from Danilo:

"I don’t know what might be happening in your life at this moment, but Easter is a time to remember that ultimately, there are some serious things that are seriously wrong with this world. But, the revolution is already taking place."