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Virtual Visit

Right now, you may not be able to visit us. Don’t worry – we can come to you. Explore Newbold through our virtual experience.

Take a look around!

You can virtually explore our campus from above! Find all the different locations on the map by clicking on the circles that appear on the screen. Click through the scenes (bottom of the tour screen) to see different areas of campus. Enjoy! If you have trouble with the your, try viewing it on Google Tours.


Explore our different areas on campus!

Halls of Residence Roy Graham Library Moor Close Murdoch Hall Salisbury Hall Student Centre Sports Hall Moor Close Gardens Classroom Church Services

Meet Troy.

Your virtual tour guide

Troy is here to guide you on an exclusive tour of our beautiful campus. We invite you to explore Newbold from home as Troy takes you on a voyage, discovering the spaces that aren’t available on an in-person campus tour at the moment, from classrooms and our student centre to our library and grade listed grounds.

Halls of Residence

Introducing your accommodation choices, Keough House and Schuil House. Complete shared and individual room options, communal living spaces and kitchenettes, you’ll also have a dedicated Residential Life team on hand to help with all your living needs.

Roy Graham Library

Our Roy Graham Library features dedicated spaces for both group and individual study options. A bright, quiet and inspiring area, you’ll find all your literature needs here with a fantastic team on board to help you access resources both on campus and beyond. The only Ellen G. White Centre outside of America is also housed in the library, giving you invaluable and exclusive access to significant artefacts, relics and insights into the life of Ellen G. White and her legacy.

Moor Close

Recently refurbished but built in 1865, Moor Close is a piece of history. It is nationally recognised as a listed building and is widely used for events (both external and for our students), and academic purposes. It also features accommodation options and is home to our student cafeteria.

Murdoch Hall

Murdoch Hall will be a home from home to many students studying Theology and Business, as their classrooms are here, as well as their lecturers’ offices. In Murdoch Hall, you can also find the Admissions team, the Chaplain, our Academic Registrar, and student hang out areas.

Salisbury Hall

Named after the founding Principal of the College, Homer Salisbury, this building is home to the Principal’s office, our Finance team, our English Language Centre and Humanities department. Walking down the long corridors, you will find additional classrooms, our Smith Centre used for lectures and events, and the main hall used to assemblies, events and our weekly contemporary church services.

Student Centre

Set within Keough house, all students can make use of the main student centre on campus. A number of Campus Ministries events will take place here, and it’s an area where you can relax with your friends, enjoy a film using our projector system, play games, wind down with a book or just simply enjoy the countryside views.

Sports Hall

Here, you can see our state-of-the-art Sports Hall Auditorium. Having recently undergone a huge renovation, the Sports Hall Auditorium is a haven for any sports lover with weekly group activities from basketball to volleyball, football and more, taking the edge off the studies. We also have an on-site weights room to pull some heavies.

Moor Close Gardens

Moments of serenity can be found on our campus grounds, in particular Moor Close Gardens – a peaceful retreat whereby students love to take in the country views with a book, with a friend, or to enjoy a quiet wander after a day of classes. In this clip, Troy will introduce you to Sylvia’s Garden, a preserved, Grade II listed treasure.


Our classrooms vary in shape and size, but in this clip, you can see a typical classroom in Murdoch Hall. Did you know we have smartboards in our classrooms? This means that even if you’re at home, you’re able to view our lecturer’s slides during class whilst they teach. Clever!

Church Services

When you’re on campus with us, you are welcome to attend Sabbath services. The contemporary service takes place in Salisbury Hall, and the family service is in the main church building next to Moor Close. These services are a wonderful way to bring students, our church and the wider community together in fellowship.