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Why study with us?

Here, we believe that ministerial training should reflect the times that we live in. We’re a place…


Where Scripture meets modern-day thinking.

Our Christ-centered curriculum and approach aims to prepare pastoral groundbreakers and leaders alike through a hybrid of deep theological study and invaluable practical experience that will equip the next generation of disciples with the skillset, knowledge and resources to inspire global communities according to His will. Our programmes place your learnings in the realms of divinity, history and ancient languages within a contemporary context.

“To study theology is an amazing possibility, not least in terms of listening to other voices, searching and looking for who God is. This opportunity to seek and search – and to reflect upon God, not alone, but in community and with other students and researchers, and to have conversations with the lecturers is a blessing.

The reality is of course, that you will be challenged – as was I – but through this challenging experience you can have the experience of knowing that God is with you, even in the places where you might lose your way, or are brought humbly to your knees.”

René Bidstrup, Youth Pastor / Chaplain at Vejlefjordskolen, Denmark
MA Theology Alumnus

Where your future matters. 

If you’re considering a career in ministry, in pastoral care, mission work, non-for-profit, youth work, counselling, academia or other avenues, then Newbold is for you. Our training programmes offer pathways that best suit your passions and interests as you progress in your study. Our teaching faculty are fueled by expanding your skillset and tailoring your individual journey to ensure that you are following the path you are called upon.


Where real-world experience counts. 

We understand that experience goes beyond textbooks and whiteboards. All students across undergraduate and postgraduate programmes will be presented with the opportunity to take on a short-term placement experience to grasp a solid understanding of what’s it’s like to work in a ministerial capacity.

Although this placement tends to take place in a church, we may be able to explore other areas in pastoral care that you are feeling passionate about.

Where community is a way of life. 

If you’re wanting to study in a nurturing, exciting and supportive environment, then Newbold is for you. Our campus will serve as your home from home where we exist as a vibrant, encouraging and compassionate community together through spirituality, friendship and academia. Learning and living here will be an enriching and invigorating life journey.