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New Collaboration: Worship and Music Leadership Training

This special collaborative training experience will launch on 5 May 2023.

Newbold College of Higher Education and Andrews University are joining forces to offer a pilot worship training experience in the Spring.

This partnership will deliver a thoughtfully crafted framework to equip individuals with essential knowledge and practical skills to engage and to inspire a wide variety of congregations.

Participants will have the opportunity to work directly with Dr David Williams (Associate Professor of Worship and Sacred Music, Andrews University) Dr Nick Zork (Songwriter, Worship Leader, and Music Director), Kärt Lazić (Singer, Worship Leader and Songwriter), Dr Tihomir Lazić (Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology at the College, and Classical Musician), Paul Lee (Radio Manager, Assistant to the SEC President and Vocalist) and more.

Launching on 5 May 2023, participants can opt for a full 8-day training, or a shortened 2-day experience. The residential training is based on the College campus in Binfield, Berkshire. It will have a blended approach, with theoretical sessions taking place in the classroom, practical skills in dedicated performing arts spaces, and first-hand worship observations offered through scheduled field trips.


I am elated to be part of the organising team that is working with Andrews University to bring the Worship and Music Leadership Training to Newbold this May. I look forward to witnessing our experienced presenters and teaching staff who share their dedication to the creation of a deep and meaningful worship experience.

The holistic approach will equip people to fully experience God and the reality of His love through music and creativity. This will give them a deeper understanding of the biblical themes, allowing them to dive into worship and its practical context. Leading the church in worship is a great responsibility, and whether we are pastors, vocalists, musicians, or on the visual team, the church is led in the presence of God through our hearts, not just our skills.

I encourage anyone with the calling to transform their local church’s worship experience to come and participate in this training and I wish them a Life Changing – Faith Affirming experience.

Serena Santona, Academic Registrar at Newbold College of Higher Education

The curriculum will see students exploring historical and theological principles of worship that are biblically rooted. Furthermore, intergenerational and culturally changing contexts and challenges will be studied to gain a clearer shape of worship practices within the Adventist and broader Christian tradition.

Outside of the classroom setting, students can immerse themselves within a variety of worship settings in prominent locations, including “The Coronation Prom – King of Kings” Prom Praise (as part of The Royal Albert Hall’s 150th Anniversary Season) and the Evening Prayer/Evensong event in one of the famous English cathedrals.

This holistic course is ideal for:

  • Students
  • Pastors
  • Elders and church volunteers
  • Musicians
  • Ministry leaders
  • Anyone who wishes to develop their skills in designing and leading effective communal worship

By the end of the training, every student will be equipped with knowledge and skills to design a biblically rooted, creative, and contextually appropriate worship programme. This will be demonstrated with participant-contribution to the Church service and to the evening concert in the College Auditorium.

Worship and Music Leadership Training