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Postgraduate Certificate in Pastoral Counselling

Postgraduate Certificate in
Pastoral Counselling

This certificate is designed to integrate theological principles with contemporary counselling methodologies. Through thorough examination, you will explore the theoretical underpinnings and practical implications of counselling within a Christian framework.


With specialised attention to marriage counselling, pastoral care and counselling for youth, you will gain the expertise needed to navigate complex relational dynamics with academic insight and professional competence. Theory and practice meet to shape compassionate and effective counselling professionals.

Learning outcomes can equip you with:

    • An understanding of the integration of biblical principles with contemporary counselling approaches
    • The ability to evaluate the application of marriage counselling principles in a variety of modern contexts
    • A demonstration of a nuanced understanding of scriptural foundations in marriage counselling
    • A development of specialised skills in pastoral care and counselling for youth demographics
    • The capacity to analyse and navigate complex relational dynamics
    • The integration of theory and practice to cultivate bespoke, compassionate and effective counselling strategies
Course details

Programme: A cohort-based programme with one dedicated module studied each semester for three consecutive semesters

Course length: 18-months

Mode of study: Part-time - one module per semester (3 semesters in total)

Mode of delivery: On-campus or online synchronous 

*a residential component may be required

Course tuition for academic year 2024/2025: £1,672.2 per module

For more details visit our Tuition and Fees page.

Funding available: Subsidies are available -  contact your Union ministerial secretary or employer for details.

Validated by: University of Wales Trinity Saint David (United Kingdom)

Intake: 2 September 2024 or 27 January 2025

Application deadline: 9 August 2024 or 3 January 2025

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“This course prepares you to impact lives deeply— navigating the complex terrains of the human heart in marriage, youth counselling, and pastoral care with both professionalism and grace."

Dr Julian Thompson, Lecturer in Biblical and Pastoral Studies 
Centre for Ministry and Mission​​
Comprehensive preparation
The emphasis
With the PostGrad Cert in Pastoral Counselling,  you will navigate various approaches to engage effectively with client diversity.


Throughout, reflective practice guides your growth, culminating in a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.


To fulfil the requirements for the Postgraduate Certificate in Pastoral Counselling you will need to successfully complete 60 credits of the modules listed below.


This is a cohort-based programme with one dedicated module studied each semester for three consecutive semesters. These modules may also require intensive, mandatory attendance on campus with dates scheduled in advance.

  • Pastoral Care and Counselling (20 credits)

    In this module, you will develop the skills to analyse issues encountered in counselling situations and identify helpful responses. You will also learn how to critically evaluate the criteria for referral processes and gain the tools necessary to build suitable support networks and methods for personal critical reflection in the context of pastoral ministry.

  • Marriage Counselling (20 credits)

    A Pastor’s role is to support parishioners on the whole journey from their pre-marital status and potentially through divorce. In this module, you'll learn how to better understand the dynamics of marriage and provide guidance. You'll also look closely at different approaches to marriage counselling and learn how to cultivate networks and support systems in pastoral ministry for those in need of marital counselling.

  • Counselling Young People (20 credits)

    In this module you will develop the skills to thoughtfully consider different strategies for counselling young people from a biblical perspective. You will enhance your ability to critically assess theories related to the mental and emotional wellbeing of youth in service to their holistic development as they move into adulthood.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Counselling provides a gateway to diverse career pathways, including further academic study, pastoral care, youth work, family support services, and research or advocacy work related to wellbeing.

This certificate is ideal for church pastors, elders, youth leaders, social workers, educators, community advocates and those committed to enhancing their skills in providing comprehensive support and guidance.

Your learning experience

  • Courses that are shaped with mindful intention to serve as gateways to ministry in its various forms.
  • An intimate class setting, granting you 1:1 access to leading academic staff who are devoted to enriching your ministry, your life and your spiritual development.
  • Daily campus fellowship through student programmes curated to evoke inspirational gathering and the meeting of similar minds.
  • Immersive yet subconscious forms of learning and worship that are interlaced into every day across academia and student life – it is those late-night dorm conversations, the sharing of perspectives across the halls that will shape you for life.
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