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One Year in Mission and Service

Your pathway to serve as a missionary at home and abroad.

One Year in Mission and Service

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The One Year in Mission and Service is a relaunched course, created specifically for students that live in countries within the Trans-European Division.

Ideal for those who seek to impact global communities through the gospel, the course starts on our campus before students embark on a life-enriching mission trip with ADRA Europe or the Adventist Volunteer Service.

Newbold’s comprehensive training with equip you with:
  • A firm foundation of biblical knowledge.
  • Personal development and deepen your spiritual insight and self-awareness as you enhance your understanding of cultural diversity and missiology, altruism and compassion.
  • A deeper understanding of the issues faced by different cultures interacting in a ministerial context, and how to appreciate the complex nature of cultural diversity.
  • The ability to manage projects sensitively in multicultural settings, communicate effectively within cultures other than your own, and identify appropriate responses to well-defined and abstract problems within the mission project.
Course details

Programme: Short course

Course length: 1 year
Mode of delivery: On-campus and mission field trip
Mode of study: Full-time

Intake: 2 September 2024 or 27 January 2025

Application deadline: 9 August 2024 or 3 January 2025

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The experience of OYiMS students
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The emphasis

Your journey will see you studying the theory of mission and service on Newbold’s campus for three months. In addition to taking key modules that will equip you with a firm theoretical knowledge, you will take part in a series of interactive workshops led by active specialists in the field before heading on an incredible mission field trip that will give you the opportunity to apply your learnings in a real-world context.

The modules

Historical & Cultural Background of the Bible
Acquire knowledge and explain the historical setting of the Old Testament and Graeco-Roman cultures, identifying early Christian responses to pagan, philosophical, and beliefs and practices from an Adventist hermeneutical perspective.

Foundations of Christian Theology

  • Foundations of Pastoral Studies
  • Development of Western & Reformation Thought (elective)
  • Pastoral Psychology & Counselling (elective)
Spring Timetable
From day one, you will be matched with a mentor who will guide you through the course. They are committed to helping you process your studies, offer their expert advice and support you across the year.
Your campus experience
  • Courses that are shaped with mindful intention to serve as gateways to ministry in its various forms.
  • An intimate class setting, granting you 1:1 access to leading academic staff who are devoted to enriching your ministry, your life and your spiritual development
  • Daily campus fellowship through student programmes curated to evoke inspirational gathering and the meeting of similar minds.
  • Immersive yet subconscious forms of learning and worship that are interlaced into every day across academia and student life – it is those late-night dorm conversations, the sharing of perspectives across the halls that will shape you for life.
Full scholarships available for One Year in Mission and Service

The funding

The Trans-European Division (TED) supports students who enrol in this programme and commit to a mission project with ADRA Europe or the Adventist Volunteer Service following 3-months on campus.

The cover

The scholarship covers 100% of the programme (fully inclusive of tuition and shared accommodation on campus).

The conditions

This funding is only available for new full-time students from within the geographical territory of the Trans-European Division and aged 18-30.

The application

Please complete and submit the online scholarship application form available here.

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