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Helping us to make a difference.


Your gift today is their future tomorrow

Your donation today will open the door to a bright future for another.

We are determined to ensure our current cohort and future students receive a life-enriching academic and student experience – your donation is not just giving the gift of education, but the gift of ‘tomorrow’ with educational and wider resources to support individuals throughout their time here and beyond.

Together, we can help our students thrive in their education, and excel in their future.

Donation Funds
Alumni Scholarship Fund

Your support will provide essential assistance to students studying here at the College, and is available to applications from any discipline based on their need and/or scholarship.

  • The fund will be allocated to students who have genuine need following their best efforts to raise college fees, and who can demonstrate commitment to their chosen profession/field of study by achieving satisfactory academic progress
  • Annual Scholarships are to be made available to qualified students as endowed funds are available. Between £250 and £500 is recommended as a suitable amount per student
  • Disbursement should reflect the worldwide nature of the Newbold student body and of Association members
  • Scholarships are to be made equally available to students regardless of academic department study

British Student Aid Fund
This grant provides essential funds towards the education costs of British students studying for preaching ministry, or who wish to take modules in preparation for colporteur ministry.

Student Aid Fund

This special fund is available to any student in need, who demonstrates qualities such as commitment to studies.

I never cease to be amazed by the constant generosity of Newbold’s alumni, stakeholders and supporters. Thank you so much to all who have contributed in the past or who plan to do so now and in the future – particularly in conjunction with the current Newbold Offering campaign. The Church voted in August 1901 to found an educational institution in the UK, and the first cohort of students registered in January 1902. Thus it is especially appropriate that we celebrate both this year and next no fewer than 120 years of quality Seventh-day Adventist Christian education for our young people in this part of the world. I regularly receive positive messages, thanking Newbold for its global influence on so many lives. Permit me to share just a small selection:

  • I came to accept Christ as my Saviour while at Newbold, and this changed my life.
  • For the first time I had a really close group of Christian friends around me, strengthening me, loving me, growing in faith alongside me. I loved it!
  • Newbold has had a tremendous influence on my ethical, theological and philosophical reasoning.

Thank you in advance for donating to this part of the Church’s educational work.

Dr John Baildam