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Clinical Pastoral Education (Chaplaincy)

Clinical Pastoral Education 

Clinical pastoral education (CPE) is a specialised education process where you will develop empathetic connections with individuals, and cultivate pastoral proficiency under the direct guidance of qualified CPE educators. Rooted in the ethos of holistic care, it emphasises respect and empathy, offering a distinctive approach to ministry encompassing understanding, inclusion, existence, and action.

Picture yourself not just as a participant, but as an active explorer, navigating through the complexities of human experience under the guidance of mentors and peers. Through this interactive process of self-reflection and constructive feedback, you'll not only hone your ministry skills but also unravel layers of personal insight, creating a profound sense of self-awareness and growth.

Newbold’s comprehensive education will equip you with:

    • Experiential learning around observation, communication, networking, and role-modelling
    • Unique learning opportunities centred on holistic care principles
    • The ability to enter a person’s world and provide spiritual care to them in their world
    • Enhanced pastoral proficiency through empathetic connection-building
    • Chaplaincy experience in a multi-discipline clinical environment
    • Development of self-assessment skills for personal and professional advancement
    • Encouragement of individualised ministerial style congruent with personal objectives and aspirations

Course details

Programme: CPE

Course length: 2 years (4 units)

Mode of study: Part-time

Mode of delivery: Orientation in-person, weekly supervision online 

Course tuition for academic year 2024/2025: An ACPE registration fee of $USD400, in addition to a unit fee of £750.

Validated by: Association of Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE)

Intake: Autumn 2024

Application process: 

  • Click 'apply now' and request an application form

  • Return the fillable digital application form to [email protected]

  • Engage in an interview to discuss your suitability for the course

  • Receive confirmation of your place on the course upon successful completion of the application process
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CPE opens doors to skill acquisition through ongoing review and critique by peers and mentors, encouraging personal and professional growth while nurturing spiritual competence, preparing individuals for ministry in diverse, multi-faith environments beyond traditional church settings.

Comprehensive preparation

Whether you're aspiring to pursue a career as a professional Chaplain or aiming to refine your pastoral aptitude as a pastor, seminary student, or dedicated supporter aiding others within communities facing challenges, CPE provides an ideal avenue for personal and professional development.

Course content

CPE offers a comprehensive exploration of key themes vital to pastoral care, including spiritual formation, clinical presentation, self-awareness, interpersonal dynamics, and ethical considerations, creating a rich understanding and adeptness in providing meaningful spiritual support.

The Board Certified Chaplain Programme Timeline

Participants will complete four CPE units over the course of the program, each unit consisting of:

  • Two-week orientation
  • 15-week placement
  • Three hours per week of supervision

The schedule for completion is as follows:

  • Unit 1: Autumn 2024
  • Unit 2: Spring 2025
  • Unit 3: Autumn 2025
  • Unit 4: Spring 2026

Each unit requires 400 hours of intensive education.

    • Orientation

    Before commencing their placements, participants engage in an immersive exploration of the foundational frameworks supporting pastoral care, encompassing theological, theoretical, and spiritual aspects. This preparatory phase establishes a robust theoretical foundation upon which practical ministry experiences will be built. Through focused discussions and reflective exercises, participants delve deeply into theological concepts, evaluating their relevance within contemporary pastoral contexts. Additionally, guided spiritual exercises encourage introspection, a deeper understanding of personal beliefs, values, and cultural identities. This heightened self-awareness serves as the cornerstone for participants to establish empathetic connections with those under their care.

    • Clinical Placement

    As participants transition into the immersive clinical placement experience, they will integrate their theoretical knowledge with real-world practice. Through direct observation and engagement with diverse patient demographics, participants not only apply their learnings but also refine their skills under the guidance of seasoned mentors. Structured didactic seminars and interactive sessions provide a tailored platform for participants to enhance their clinical capabilities, equipping them with the requisite skills to navigate the intricate challenges inherent in pastoral care encounters. 

    Reflective practices during this phase facilitate a deeper comprehension of patient dynamics, supporting a comprehensive approach to spiritual caregiving.

  • Reflective Practice 

    Throughout the clinical placements, participants engage in a period of reflective practice, both individually and within a group setting. This phase serves as a pivotal practice for integrating the lessons learned during the placement experience and furthering development and growth. Through guided reflective exercises, participants begin a journey of self-discovery, delving into the depths of their own identities in ministry.


    Group discussions provide a forum for participants to share their experiences, insights, and challenges, creating a collaborative learning environment. Ethical considerations inherent in pastoral care are explored through this segment of the course through discussions, empowering participants to navigate complex ethical dilemmas with integrity and professionalism.

"The CPE course makes pastors the best they can be. The education improves pastors' visitation and enhances how they lead their churches.


At the end of the course, I would like to see the pastors be the best version of pastors they can be."

Dr Ivan Omaña - Director of Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries

Your learning experience

  • Courses that are shaped with mindful intention to serve as gateways to ministry in its various forms.
  • An intimate class setting, granting you 1:1 access to leading academic staff who are devoted to enriching your ministry, your life and your spiritual development
  • A flexible, part-time study opportunity designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing life or work schedule, allowing you to pursue this aspiration without compromising your other commitments

  • A bespoke learning process that hones your unique life experiences and professional background, ensuring that your educational path is as individualised as it is enriching

  • An immersion into a supportive and nurturing environment where your contributions are valued and your journey towards completion of this certification is celebrated and supported at every step

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