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Autumn Semester 2021: Unwrapped in writing

All the key details you need ahead of September

With September drawing ever closer, Serena Santona, our Academic Registrar, together with Danilo Puskas, our Head of Student Life and Chaplaincy presented all the essential information students need to know before the semester’s start.

If you missed this virtual get together, you can find the overall highlights below.


Academic Progression

Many of you may know that our programme focus for the 2021-2022 academic year lies within Theology under the Centre for Ministry and Mission.

For returning students, this means that there are changes to the curriculum they were previously on.

  • New students will begin their academic studies under the new curriculum automatically and work through their modules accordingly.
  • Returning students will be automatically transferred into the new curriculum, and there should be no complications during this transition.


Modes of delivery for the autumn semester

This is really important to take note of, as there are different delivery modes per programme.

Whilst we believe that students can only really gain a real Newboldian experience by being here in person (your time here will be well-rounded, you can focus on your studies with in-person support and diversify your spiritual involvement), we understand that this time can feel daunting and confusing after the last year we’ve all experienced.

You must make the right decision for yourself, and we are here to support that. If you have any concerns or find yourself stuck looking for an answer, contact us and we can talk it through.

The modes of delivery are as follows:

  • BA (Hons) Biblical and Pastoral Studies: On-campus, face-to-face (there is the option to connect to lectures via livestream if needed)
  • GradDip Biblical and Pastoral Studies: Livestreamed lectures via Zoom (there is the option to live on campus whilst attending lectures virtually)*
  • MA Theology and PG Cert Ministry and Mission: Livestreamed lectures via Zoom (there is the option to live on campus whilst attending lectures virtually)

*Please note, some modules overlap the BA (Hons) and GradDip Biblical and Pastoral Studies programmes. These modules will be taught online for all, live-streamed via Zoom.


The Roy Graham Library – academic resources

  • The library will be physically open throughout the semester
  • The material that all students have to read can be found in ebooks, scans or similar.
  • Our librarians will send individual books needed for papers or dissertation work out in the post. Students can use these as they need but will need to return them – they cannot be kept until the work is completed.
  • The librarians are able to send copies or scans of shorter extracts from literature if required.
  • The College will pay the outgoing postage, but it is up to students to pay the return postage.
  • From Monday 9 August, any library queries can be sent to [email protected], and the dedicated library webpage is always updated so students can find essential information there.
Roy Graham Library



  • Regardless of whether a student is based on campus or remotely, the entire enrolment process will take place online, via individual Zoom meetings with the academic administration team.
  • There will be a dedicated webpage created for appointment scheduling, and information that includes what you might need (e.g. documentation) for enrolment.

Student Life

Halls of Residence – arriving

Important information about when to arrive on campus, and the process – depending on where you’re travelling from.

Please note: it is a student’s responsibility to follow the rules that the UK may have for their specific country, in relation to the coronavirus COVID-19.

Follow the guidance
  • Students from an amber-listed country will have to self-isolate for a 10-day period, and Halls of Residence rooms will be available for this purpose. Please note, this only applies to students who have applied to live on-campus for the semester and paid their fees ahead of arriving. This applies to students both living in Schuil House and Family Housing.
  • Students that are required to fulfil the above must arrive at Newbold between the 23-25 August so that they can safely end their quarantine by the semester’s start on 6th September 2021.
  • If a student arriving from an amber-listed country is fully vaccinated, they do not have to self-isolate. However, they must take a COVID-19 pre-departure test and they also must take a COVID-19 test on or before day 2 after arrival in England.** More information here.
  • Students that do not need to self-isolate can arrive to the Halls of Residence from Thursday 2nd September.

**’Fully vaccinated’ will mean that the student has had their final dose of the vaccine at least 14 whole days before arrival in England.


PCR Tests

Students that are planning to attend in-person this semester are required to take a PCR COVID-19 test upon arrival to campus:

  • Students from a green-listed country or fully vaccinated students from an amber-listed country will only be required to take a Day 2 COVID-19 test and won’t need to self-isolate.
  • Students from an amber-listed country that are not fully vaccinated will be required to take a Day 2 and a Day 8 test, whilst isolating for 10 days.

This must be pre-booked, as 48-hours before flying, students will need to complete a passenger locator form which will include details of the booking reference numbers for any COVID-19 tests to take after arriving in the UK.

This PCR test will be a ‘home test’, therefore students will receive the package at the College and take a sample themselves. The test will need to be ordered by the student themselves and delivered to:

Newbold College,
St Mark’s Road,

The College will refund test orders from:

If a student wishes to book a test with another provider, they will be required to pay the difference.

Passenger Locator Form



A Halls of Residence Manual will be sent out to all those staying on campus so that they can familiarise themselves with accommodation life on campus. Therefore, students planning to stay on campus for the semester must let us know as soon as possible.

  • Single students will be situated at Schuil House, in single rooms with a shared bathroom.
  • There is a shared kitchen with facilities that will allow students to prepare meals, and a living area to relax, socialise and study in.
  • Students arriving with family can stay in Family Housing, which consist of three buildings that feature 1 to 2-bedroom flats. Each flat has a kitchen, bathroom and living space – located just a few minutes’ walk from the classroom, library and other campus facilities.
  • The prices for accommodation are:
    –       Single room in the Schuil House, per semester: £2032.00
    –       One-bedroom flat in Family Housing, monthly: £762.25
    –       Two-bedroom flat in Family Housing, monthly: £812.93
  • To apply for student accommodation or to receive further details, students can contact:
  • For any further questions relating to finance, students can email us and this will be shared with the Student Finance Office.
Financial Questions



The on-campus cafeteria operations are still being explored, therefore we advise students:

  • To prepare their own meals and utilise the kitchen facilities available. This will require extra thought about budgeting and time management!
  • Alternatively, there are shops and restaurants located nearby (a local Co-op shop in Binfield village, a large Tesco supermarket a 5-minute drive away and others), as well as various food services (Deliveroo, Just Eat, Uber Eats) that will deliver orders to the College.


Student socials

There will be a range of on and off-campus experiences available throughout the semester:


  • Campus Ministries
  • Trips to key destinations
  • Social events and gatherings located on campus
  • Peer-to-Peer opportunities
  • Sports Hall



  • Streaming of various worship services
  • On-demand podcasts
  • Webinars to access via registration
  • Digital counselling services



Helpful information for students’ health care.

  • All students will be registered with the doctor (also known as a GP) in a local surgery
  • In regard to COVID-19, Newbold will follow the government guidance and ensure that measures are taken so students and staff will feel safe through the semester and beyond
  • For international insurance – this will depend on visa regulations
  • Any special medical requirements must be indicated on a student’s application form.


Get in touch

Programme of Study(Required)


New, returning and prospective students are welcome to contact us at any point, to answer any further questions, or to follow up on anything they’ve read.

We are so looking forward to welcoming students both in-person and remotely and want to ensure that every student feels confident across their academic and student life ahead of September.

All queries submitted via this form will be distributed to the most relevant staff member to answer.

Thank you for choosing Newbold – see you soon!