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Danilo Puskas in 10

10 questions: answered. Danilo Puskas is certainly a face you may recognise. Our Head of Student Life and Chaplaincy shares his ultimate 3-course meal, a place he always returns to to clear his mind, and offers his advice on how a student can immerse themselves in student life here.

Hey Danilo, how long have you been with us at Newbold now?

I’ve been working at Newbold since August 2018, and I was a student between 2011-2014.


What do you love most about your role?

Students! We always have an amazing group of people – I get to share the fun (…and on occasion, the stress!) and to enjoy some great conversations.

Danilo, it’s quick-fire round time!

Why do you believe chaplaincy is an integral part of student life?

Spirituality and community are some of the key aspects of Newbold experience. When it comes to spiritual identity, I wish that everyone could experience being here – a place of safety and healing.

Can you share something about yourself that most people don’t know about you?

If you saw my handwriting, you would know why I am very grateful to live in the digital age…

You’re about to move to a desert island for a year, but you’re being treated to your favourite 3-course meal. What’s on the menu?

  • Chicken soup
  • Roasted veal under the bell
  • Cheesecake

Where is a place that you always return to, to clear your mind?

Danube riverside in my hometown (Novi Sad, Serbia)

What is the best thing to have happened to you recently?

Big Church Day Out!

What risks in life are worth taking?

Any, if there is an undo button.

How can a student best immerse themselves in student life if they feel a little nervous or apprehensive?

Give it a try. We always aim to give enough space to people so that they can choose the level of engagement in any event, so that everyone feels comfortable. Give people and events a chance; they might grow on you.

If you could describe the Newbold experience in just three words, what would they be?

People, faith, fun