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Eike Mueller in 10

10 questions: answered. Eike Mueller is one of our new Senior Lecturers in the New Testament. He shares biblical passages he often returns to, an additional skill he'd love to master, offers insight into the best way to start a new day and more.

Hello Eike, how long have you been working in the Centre for Ministry and Mission?

I’ve been here for over one month now.


What are you enjoying most about your role so far?

Engaged students, good conversations with colleagues, and a supportive staff

Eike, it’s quick-fire round time!

Is there a specific book you find the most empowering in the New Testament?

The Gospel of Mark is certainly a powerful and empowering book, but I might be a little biased.

Can you share a passage in the Bible that you find yourself returning to?

I guess two of the most perplexing and most revealing passages to me has been Jesus walking on water and Jesus’ parable of the sower. I am sure you’ll hear me mention them sooner or later.

What additional skill would you like to master? 

I picked up an appreciation for leather craft and welding for small projects around the house and would enjoy being more capable in those.

What do you find is the best way to start a new day?

The best day to start the day is to be on a contemplative bike ride, enjoying nature and being in a reflective mood.

Can you share bucket-list destinations you would like to visit for the ultimate adventure?

Cycling the Taiwan mountains, hiking in Patagonia, exploring New Zealand!

What tracks are on your desert island disc?

The Goldberg Variations or the Art of the Fugue.

For students particularly interested in the New Testament, what are your top resources you recommend to look at in their spare time?

These change regularly and build upon each other, but I have enjoyed works by Craig Keener, Larry Hurtado, Richard Bauckham, N.T. Wright, Richard Hays, Michael Gorman

If you could describe the Newbold experience in just three words, what would they be?

Engaging, friendly, and generous