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Newbold launches Centre for Ministry and Mission

Newbold launches Centre for Ministry and Mission

Friday 29 January 2021

Newbold’s Board of Governors met on Wednesday, 27 January, to finalise plans for the College’s theological programme offerings following an announcement in October 2020 regarding changes to the College’s provision and organisational structure.

At Wednesday’s meeting, Governors voted to replace the Department of Theological Studies (DTS) with a new Centre for Ministry and Mission (CMM). DTS is the department through which Newbold has previously offered (among other programmes and courses) its popular undergraduate programme in Biblical and Pastoral Studies, and its postgraduate Theology degree.

The Board also voted to approve the appointment of current Trans-European Division (TED) Education Director, Dr Daniel Duda, as the Transitional Head of the new Centre. Dr Duda holds a Doctor of Ministry from Andrews University and has a close association with Newbold going back many years – as a former theology lecturer and later as a College Governor. Dr Duda will be on secondment to the College from his role at the TED until 31 December 2021.

Other staffing changes that will accompany the introduction of the new Centre include the appointment of Dr Laszlo Gallusz as Undergraduate Programme Leader, and Dr Ján Barna as Postgraduate Programme Leader.


“Just two days ago our Governors voted to implement with immediate effect our long-anticipated Centre for Ministry and Mission (CMM). We welcome Dr Daniel Duda as transitional head, and we all look forward to working together to secure the brightest possible future for Newbold” – Dr John Baildam, College Principal.

More information about these changes, which took effect immediately, and the programmes and courses available through the Centre for Ministry and Mission, will become available shortly.