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8 Feb – 8 Feb

7:30 pm

Zoom Webinar

Online Diversity Centre Lecture - September 2021

Online February 2022 Diversity Lecture: Christianity, Animals and the Environment Crisis

The Diversity Centre Team would like to welcome you to the first virtual lecture of the 2022 autumn semester.

Semester theme: Faith and environmental action


  • Professor David Clough – Professor in Theology and Applied Sciences, University of Aberdeen

Time and place: 19:30 (GMT), Zoom Webinar

David Clough is Professor in Theology and Applied Sciences at the University of Aberdeen and a lay preacher in the UK Methodist Church.
He describes his central concern as ‘the place of animals in Christian theology and ethics’.

Educated at the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Yale, he has been the President of the Society for the Study of Christian Ethics and is the incoming President of the Society for the Study of Theology. He has served on national ecumenical working groups on the ethics of modern warfare and the theology of climate change.

His ground-breaking two volume work, On Animals: Systematic Theology, has been called “indisputably the most important and comprehensive theological treatment of animals to have appeared in any language at any time in the Christian tradition”. For many years, David lived next door to Chester Zoo, in North-West England, with his family of five humans, one cat, and three gerbils.

An interactive Q&A will follow the lecture – please note, only registrants to the webinar will be able to submit their questions.

We look forward to seeing you!

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