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Relaunched: One Year in Mission and Service

This relaunched course kickstarts on 24 January 2022.

Are you passionate about making a difference to an individual’s life? How about impacting an entire community?

Would you like to learn the valuable tools needed to communicate the gospel in a variety of inspirational practises?

Are you seeking the opportunity to experience Newbold and embark on a life-changing mission trip with ADRA or the Adventist Volunteer Service?

If the answer to any of the above is “yes”, then this experiential one-year course is for you. Launching on 24 January 2022, you will be trained in theory and practical skills that will arm you with the knowledge to kickstart your journey in mission and service with confidence. 

The journey

Discover the theory of mission work through 4 key modules taught on-campus
Learn from leaders in the field of mission with 8 interactive workshops that will expand your mind and your mission skills
Develop your confidence and process your learning with a personally assigned mission mentor
Apply your knowledge with a guaranteed formal placement in the mission field through ADRA Europe or the Adventist Volunteer Service

On campus

On-site support is bespoke to each student, ensuring that all needs are met across all areas of study and community life. Support staff are committed to creating an environment that is nurturing and encouraging to help you thrive during your time at the College.

The programme

Your journey will see you studying the theory of mission and service on Newbold’s campus for three months. In addition to taking key modules that will equip you with a firm foundation of biblical knowledge, you will take part in a series of interactive workshops led by active specialists in the field before embarking on an incredible mission field trip that will give you the opportunity to apply your learnings in a real-world context. The modules are:

Cross-cultural ministry Discover the skills needed to minister interculturally
Ministry in context Broaden your exposure to and experience of congregational life
Religion and ethics in contemporary society Study the principles, significance and consequences of contemporary moral theories
Contemporary evangelism and discipleship Develop and evaluate contemporary approaches to evangelism

From day one, you will be matched with a mentor who will guide you through the course. They are committed to helping you process your studies, offer their expert advice and support you across the year.